Freddy McQueen

Freddy is a very smiley, youthful addition to our Freshmen team. He's always happy and up for any joke or prank that the guys want to play. He was very popular on chat for a while but then decided to concentrate on filming and his non-BA work. He is best friends with John Leto as you will see when more of his content comes out.

Average rating:
Eye color: Green
Zodiac: Aries
Dick type: Average
Dick size: 19.5
Hair color: Brown
Height: 178
Weight: 76

Sex scenes

  Freddy McQueen   &   Eluan Jeunet

Freddy McQueen & Eluan Jeunet

  Freddy McQueen   & Elio Chalamet 

Freddy McQueen & Elio Chalamet 


Documentaries, Solos & Interviews

  Freddy McQueen

Freddy McQueen


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