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Freddy McQueen

Surely one of the treasures of 2022 will be Freddy McQueen.He manages to be innocent sweetheart, cheeky imp and beguiling seducer all at the same time. As our lead in to Freddy here we have this little chat and solo to let you all know a bit more about him.

Freddy McQueen
D************* - 08/18/2023 7:10:34 AM

God! Freddy is great! I just came in my pants.

T******* - 04/30/2023 10:36:43 PM

Freddy- A new favourite of mine. Such a beautiful all ways I hope to see more of him in the future.

W****** - 04/30/2023 3:49:00 AM

What a beautiful boy.

r*********** - 03/13/2023 3:53:18 PM

This is cuteness on three legs.

F********* - 12/28/2022 5:41:01 PM

Beautiful young man with a lovely smile and big cock, but do prefer intact on BAOL.

C************* - 11/20/2022 1:18:06 AM

Freddy has such beautiful eyes. His feet are actually quite beautiful as well. I love how playful he is and how he just threw himself onto the bed with a smile. What a sweet, precocious and beautiful boy. He is definitely in the top five of your current slate of performers, at least in my view.

d***** - 10/30/2022 11:08:21 PM

Amazing!!! The best solo video I've seen on this site or the regular BA site. He's adorable and a truly sensual performer. Would love to meet him in person.

m*********** - 10/30/2022 6:03:15 PM

So cute and sexxy !

M********* - 10/07/2022 7:32:30 PM

Freddy is a handsome twinky guy. I like his but and outstanding big dick. Okay, his cumshot wasn't very much, but I think next time get's better.

g******* - 07/27/2022 11:29:09 PM

Beautiful and charming guy, I love him. Bring him back, please!

B************ - 07/05/2022 8:18:13 AM

He seems more interested in himself than I am interested in him.

t****** - 07/03/2022 11:55:10 PM

gorgeous kid dont mind he is circumcised , tho I prefer intact

M******* - 07/03/2022 11:11:31 AM

Freddy is a charming and intelligent young man who seems to look for the most out of life. I'm impressed with his English language skills which are extremely difficult to learn. And from a large area of the world thank you for a circumcised cock!!!While I know it irritates many of your subscribers till red in the face, Jewish people like me (and maybe Freddy?) Muslims, and a majority of the United States and Canada are circumcised. To each his own. And as most young people he has some acne which will most certainly be treated and go away soon. Most importantly I'm drooling at seeing him in action.

a***** - 06/30/2022 8:16:28 PM

Cutie, definitely! I remember him from his trip to Croatia but I can't believe you wouldn't even let us see how he got to service Kevin! So he did more than just chatting rigth?

N********** - 06/30/2022 12:43:43 PM

He is truthfully at his hottest when wearing his “O” face! Looking forward to him being paired in scenes with others.

C*********** - 06/30/2022 2:48:48 AM

Wow!!! Freddy is an extremely hot and cute twinky guy. He oozes chemistry and comes across as a very warm and beautiful person. A total natural :)

r*********** - 06/29/2022 8:31:47 PM

What an adorable young man!!! Picture #4 sealed the deal for me. Cut and uncut here is no issue. Could and would only hope that we see him in breathe-taking hardcore action very soon!!!

c********** - 06/29/2022 3:49:32 PM

Been waiting for Freddy's debut for a long time. Have seen him on caht and bought some of his VODs before they all disappeared. The severely shaved pubes are a turn off . Pair him up with Jorik asap!

k********* - 06/29/2022 7:35:11 AM

very nice cut cocl and big pair of balls !!

g******* - 06/29/2022 1:25:31 AM

I like cut cocks. I like cocks.

L******** - 06/29/2022 12:37:08 AM

Nice boy, hot body but someting enters into conflict with the very pure spirit of BelAmi: cut cock. It spoils the whole thing.

w****** - 06/28/2022 9:39:50 PM

I have been looking forward to seeing more of Freddie ever since the Croatia trip and,apart from the shaved pubes, I am not disappointed here. I hope we will see him in action soon but with more fur around his balls.

a****** - 06/28/2022 9:24:41 PM

There is no doubt in my mind that cute, adorable Freddy will be back for more. He is natural as he is honest. BTW, does anybody know if Freddy is on Onlyfans and/or in a chat room like FFF?

J****** - 06/28/2022 6:18:10 PM

Délicieux garçon avec une jolie bite parfait pour jouer avec les garçons!

s******** - 06/28/2022 4:53:09 PM

love the seed tasting

J****** - 06/28/2022 3:39:11 PM

Wonderful new young Guy. Perfect body and face, with beautyful sexy smile - don't change anything. Please bring him over to shoot some action scenes with the other boys - P L E A S E !!! Don’t miss the opportunity like so many other guys we’ve only seen a solo of.

p********** - 06/28/2022 1:46:55 PM

beautiful guy!

d******* - 06/28/2022 1:28:53 PM

Freddy, lovely young man with sweet lips to kiss, gorgeous eyes to gaze into, nicely shaped figure and lovely cock to suck, balls to play with and enjoy. Sweet sweet young man. Freddy hope you come back for more sex??

s******* - 06/28/2022 1:12:57 PM

"without shoot...for now" ? HOPE !!

t****** - 06/28/2022 12:56:52 PM

A cutie-pie. A keeper. No need to change anything.

l********** - 06/28/2022 12:55:47 PM

Cute! I wanna spank Freddy!

t******** - 06/28/2022 11:11:24 AM

A beautiful young man. Don't change a thing.

t********* - 06/28/2022 10:27:57 AM

Wish his nipples stuck out more and that he had more muscle with a deeper tan. But, he does have a cute face. He just needs more muscle. Wish his legs were shaved too.

s******* - 06/28/2022 9:18:55 AM

Amazing twink boy! Do NOT let him go! Keep him!

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