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Freddy & John

John Leto and Freddy McQueen are an inseparable couple. They are always in a great mood and love to have fun. Besides this, they are incredibly sexy and enjoy teasing each other sexually. Today’s photo set is full of laughs as the charming couple show off their nice asses and juicy cocks.

g******* - 02/10/2024 12:41:26 PM

Perfect photo set! Those two are the definition of what Freshmen should be! Cute, hot, sexy - is there a video of this photo shoot? Please show us!

j********* - 01/13/2024 3:38:12 PM

OMG! No tattoos? No 2m ponytail of stringy hair? No piercings and no sign of dramatically overdeveloped bodies. Is this really that I'm looking at? Two delightfully young-looking models with smooth chests, chunky cocks and dazzling smiles. OK, if I really wanted to pick holes, I might have a go at the unshaven pubes, but that would really be unnecessary. Let's just revel in these two gorgeous lads who are having fun with each other and bringing a bit of freshman joy into our lives.

b******* - 01/10/2024 12:15:42 AM

I think it can't get any better than this, Seriously.

M*************** - 01/07/2024 10:50:35 AM

2 charming models who are exciting models at such a youthful stage in their lives. Photo number 11 of Freddy is one of the most exquisite of any model photo I've seen. It is his face and it is so expressive in so many ways it made me happy. How did you interpret it........

M****** - 01/06/2024 8:53:31 PM

#25 is amusing because the boys are making their "Serious Pornstar" faces in contrast to the carefree silliness of the other photos. Thanks for including several asshole shots.

v********* - 01/06/2024 4:28:40 AM

Such amazing chemistry. And kudos to the photographer for using bright colors and catching that infectious perspective! Brilliant.

d***** - 01/05/2024 6:37:22 PM

Brilliant! Loved every photo. The poses and expressions were enchanting. Such charming young men. They make such an appealing couple. Yes, I too hope to see both in a scene soon.

H******** - 01/04/2024 8:34:16 AM

Absolutely wonderful! This is an example of why people join Freshmen - young handsome men who enjoy their live and show us their bodies. Please do not let us wait too long for their full sex scene, and please record more scenes with these extremely hot boys. PLEASE!

t****** - 01/03/2024 8:21:13 PM

Freddy is drop dead gorgeous. Why dont we see lots more of him?

J******** - 01/03/2024 7:01:09 AM

Wunderschön sein liebeströpfchen auf Bild 10 - da wär ich auch geil mit dem youngster

c********** - 01/02/2024 3:42:13 PM

This is the only content from this week's update that would have made the cut for Freshman a few months ago.

H***** - 01/02/2024 3:16:32 PM

Loved those happy, sunny and sexy photo"s ! Both remeber me the start of Jerome and Helmut years ago...

A******** - 01/02/2024 12:09:54 PM

A very cute couple! Very sexy:-)

p***** - 01/02/2024 11:54:01 AM

Delicious. I hope these photos are a preview to a full action scene👅💦👿

B********* - 01/02/2024 9:42:50 AM

Please promise me that you will make Freddy as big a star as Helmut, Kris or Hoyt. He deserves

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