Andrei Karenin

Andrei is a model who arrived a while ago, still a twink, he was delicate, slender, and eager to please. He fell off the radar and then I discovered that he’d filmed several episodes for Hammer Entertainment. After this, he stopped shooting and disappeared completely. Because Andrei came through a scout that I use regularly, I asked the scout to keep an eye on him. Andrei eventually returned, like a ghost from the past. This time he came not as a limber youth, but an athletic young man – still as beautiful, still as cuddly – and started to shoot for us.
Andrei eventually matured into a very sexy and athletic model, spending several hours in the gym most days. He isn’t a temperamental and fast lover. Rather, he is deliberate, gentle and methodological. He is of Russian ancestry, though only one of his parents is Russian and the other is Czech. He lives in the Czech Republic, but also speaks fluent Russian. Andrei currently work for us in Prague and can be found often on

Average rating:
Eye color: Brown
Zodiac: Pisces
Dick type: Average
Dick size: 17.5
Hair color: Brown
Height: 186
Weight: 78

Sex scenes

  Andrei Karenin   &   John Lennox

Andrei Karenin & John Lennox

  Andrei Karenin   &   Giulio Pasolini

Andrei Karenin & Giulio Pasolini


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