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Andrei Karenin & John Lennox

Andrei Karenin doesn’t really qualify as a 'freshman' but we have chosen to present this video for you here as he is paired with newbie John Lennox. John first started to film with us a few years ago and, luckily for him, he had the best trainer possible. Andrei gives John a „blowjob lesson“ and before long the newcomer has lost his virginity. Judging by his unexpected cumshot in the middle of the video and his preferences from videos he has appeared in since, it is clear that it is Freshmen/BelAmi that showed John how to achieve real pleasure from sex.

John Lennox
Andrei Karenin
a********* - 11/19/2021 6:09:39 AM

Andrei's body is so hot

j********* - 11/13/2021 4:13:12 AM

The HD version of this scene (which I just watched) stops at 10:36. I note that the qHD version is 17:54. Could you please investigate and replace the “broken” version? Thanks

d******* - 11/03/2021 11:13:33 AM

John is very, very sexy with the nice lips to kiss and the cock to play with, you cannot beat John Lennox as he is a real kissing doll and John use your tongue when fucking. Andrei not Freshmen as he has been around!! John lets kiss!!

B***** - 11/02/2021 10:31:42 PM

John is very handsome and incredibly sexy

w****** - 11/02/2021 9:50:48 PM

Superb! Well done Andrei. From the look on John's face it is clear you reached parts even Heineken could not reach. Sheer passion without any artificial moaning. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

a***** - 11/02/2021 11:09:03 AM

Hmm... look at him and his constant o face while he gets fucked in the ass, I think he's quite new and doesn't know how to react to that feeling he has? Hot! The cumshot at the end is a long and nice section, with him shooting his jizz and continue to get plugged. If cum on his body can be left seen, that'll make it hotter. Not sure I'm totally into John yet but it's fun to see him. Now was this before or after his trip to Africa? I wonder what else he did, or been made to do =D over there?

D************* - 11/02/2021 10:45:29 AM

John Lennox is so sexy, handsome, and beautiful. John Lennox and Tim Moffie would make a great sex scene together. It would be blond hair, blue eyes, twink paradise. John always has a great orgasm: his cock gets so hard and red when he cums (I love it). Also the way his ass hole kept gaping open was a real turn-on for me.

s******** - 11/02/2021 10:41:42 AM

John Lennox - totally SuperSexy...get him with Jorik.....Sweet sweet tender lustful scene as only the smoldering Andrei specializes!!!

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