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Oliver Coogan & Liam Efron

Yesterday, while translating our Summer Break documentaries, I came across some backstage material for today's scene.  The documentary reveals that shooting this scene was no easy task due to a combination of dark and rainy weather and Oliver's inexperience. You can see the documentary on BelAmi as part of July's programming. We decided to have the sex scene here due to both boys being twinky and fresh and better suited for the Freshmen Website. The documentary is being shown there as it is an ideal addition to our 'Summer Break' spectacular.

Oliver Coogan
Liam Efron
xindi005 - 07/12/2017 9:51:22 AM

Totally awesome scene!! Oliver's fucking adorable and Liam's amazing!! Licked ans wallowed virtually of that creamy spunk!! Loved it!!

sinjin123 - 07/05/2017 10:58:02 AM

awesome sex with two very naturally sexy guys!!!!!

ROSS82 - 06/13/2017 10:37:28 AM

Loved it two fit guys having sex

badoc111 - 06/05/2017 10:30:56 PM

Absolutely fantastic. The boys are really into each other and both performed wonderfully. The cumshot into Liam's mouth and the kiss afterwards were the icing on the cake.

steveyork - 06/03/2017 2:54:34 PM

fantastic facial!

georgep2 - 06/02/2017 1:29:32 AM

Such sexy boys.

JLW9103 - 06/02/2017 12:17:19 AM

I love it when the boys show themselves almost crazy with lust in the throes of pleasure almost too much to bear. Boys are so lucky to have penises to worship and from which the rapture of being penetrated and giving oneself completely may be derived. There's a reason why there is no such concept as "clitoris envy"! If you have one already there's nothing to envy, and if you have a penis why on earth would you want a clit?

jonlad22 - 06/01/2017 11:12:21 PM

Really great scene. Loved the cumshot in Liam's mouth and the cum soaked kiss afterwards. Made me so hard...!

numerito - 06/01/2017 2:50:36 PM

Wonderful scene. What I truly enjoyed was their kissing. Deep, long, voracious, with full darting tongues exploring open mouths. A real turn on. I wish more models could kiss that way, instead of the too frequent little smacks with closed mouths....

bwjant - 06/01/2017 11:40:02 AM

The highlight of this episode is Oliver shooting his load in Liam’s mouth, which to me is far more erotic than knowing ‘how far that cumshot (…) would have gone’. I think the ending of this episode was as intimate as Oliver’s and Liam’s love making was intense and passionate. No complaints here, only praise.

topdog2013 - 06/01/2017 9:20:54 AM

With respect, I think this scene sucks. No stars. In my opinion, Oliver's extraordinary cum shot was absolutely wasted by his jacking off into Liam's mouth. Yes, the lovemaking was intense and that is awesome. But, we will never know how far that cumshot of Oliver's would have gone. Did Oliver cum further than Kris or Jack or Adam or Rhys or Helmut? We will never know because of this unfortunate directorial direction in this otherwise sexy effort..

pancho - 05/31/2017 7:38:11 PM

I just love these two guys. Both are wonderful, deep kissers. Liam is so in control, sensitive and caring about his partner. Oliver's gorgeous ass, perfectly shaped dick, well-defined abs and lush, dark body hair are to die for. I hope as Oliver gains more experience he will learn to use his hands to caress and stroke his mate more.

teewink - 05/31/2017 6:08:36 PM

A HOT scene!! Liam is a handsome devil as always. Oliver is cute as a bunny! ..what a spectacular cumshot!! So what if he is "inexperienced"? We want genuine.... This a Freshmen site..not one for seasoned 35 year old porn stars

HetLoo - 05/30/2017 11:10:48 PM

This is a far more better scene than the former one, Oliver may be ïnexperieneced, but is far more hotter/better than with a senior. As said before, Freshmen is Freshmen and not a senior site. Otherwise one has to change the websitename.

xlnt2b1 - 05/30/2017 7:21:15 PM

Liam is such an energetic little fucker. Loved the cum kiss.

mauric53 - 05/30/2017 7:03:32 PM

twink boys, great action and energy, great cum, Oliver is gorgeus and Liam is really actractive boy, i love booth this two young and appasionate boy

Teejay - 05/30/2017 6:16:19 PM

I liked this scene: Liam's vigour and passion and Oliver's dark, gamin-like sensuality are a good combination. I miss Liam on Chat, his humour and vivacity.

gefendi - 05/30/2017 4:49:09 PM

I'm with Sidemoon on this. Liam fucked the boy energetically and got a big load of cum as his reward!!! Bravo. I like both of them....

geoffrey27 - 05/30/2017 3:55:27 PM

Oliver is a fine bottom, but versatile Liam dominates the action, with his charisma and intense sensuality.

takeshi - 05/30/2017 2:29:53 PM

It’s great to see Oliver back on freshmen again, after his lovely scene with Justin. Both Liam and Oliver are cute and good-looking freshmen. I really like of both them. Remember BA, freshmen is meant to be about freshmen; freshmen is not meant to be BA light. This scene, along with Liam and Oliver, are the types of scenes I enjoy seeing on freshmen. Great scene, with fetching freshmen. ★★★★★

marcel888 - 05/30/2017 2:28:57 PM

What a disappointing scene. Liam's sucking technique is awful and really irritating to watch. He also got in the way of Danny's cum shots.

acquarello - 05/30/2017 11:26:42 AM


otrebor - 05/30/2017 11:13:42 AM

Oliver great return! What such a pleasure to watch him with Liam nice sex lover and making lover too! Lean Oliver flexible as a liana enjoys to be fucked energetically by Liam! Great cumshots and exceptional feeeding! Incredible wet cum kiss ending! Both are gorgeous! Love Oliver's dark attractive body hair

Sidemoon - 05/30/2017 10:47:43 AM

Liam's show - from the very first second till the very last one (though, of course, Liam's talent of outshining each and every partner he works with is simply fantastic, so it's not Oliver's fault at all). Well, I like authoritarian, bossy and active lovers, so I can only applaude Liam and his perfect combination of skills and temperament standing. :))))))))))

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