Welcome Letter

For a year or so I have kept postponing the release of a new site to replace KinkyAngels. There were numerous reasons for this procrastination other than laziness. I'll list just few:

1. I liked the KA format. It was simple to maintain, gave me opportunity to group material together, it was fun to do - and to watch - and was also successful with customers.

2. The new website needed a new name. Freshmen was an obvious and natural selection. It summarizes what the new site is about and lends itself to a lot of creative games. It also brings some fond memories because I was one of the midwives of the Freshmen magazine, creating a substantial part of its covers in its first few years of existence. The magazine is gone but the name wasn't readily available and it took time and effort to register it again and buy a domain.

3. A new site needs new models. To find and prepare them is a laborious and time consuming process which we are still not fully finished. The result is that not all of the boys to be released over the next months will be what I call A class models. So you'll get plenty of them but some are better than others and the very best ones will have to wait.

4. A new site needs also new formats and we are working hard to create them. Kevin, Adam, Claude, Jerome etc. The team who will create backbone of its creative and production team need some more practice. Luke and Philippe will be in charge - one in a role of art director and the other being production planner and manager. Next year you'll get a behind the scenes reality series introducing all of the them in their new roles.

The result  for time being is a hybrid between what I envision it to be in future, and what I can release at the moment. So let’s call it a “PILOT VERSION”. It will still keep a lot of KA elements and provide you with a number of good scenes and generous supply of newcomers. It will also give the new team time and the feedback  to learn and experiment and budget to play with. It will also give me my seven days to finish the act of creation properly. As Buddhists say, a journey of one thousand miles starts with a first step.

Hope you'll enjoy this effort. GD

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