Jaco Van Sant

Jaco is a short boy with Polish roots, bright blue eyes and blond hair. There is a certain level of innocence with him, which is very appealing. Jaco can also appear a little bit stiff, which G. Duroy is working on. "I believe this stiffness is the result of a very good Catholic upbringing," George says. Based on Jaco's youthful experience with a local priest, George brought a group of boys to Vatican City and filmed them meeting the Pope. It was actually Jaco's second papal visit; that's how protypical a Catholic upbringing he has received. "He is doing his best to shed his inhibitions," George says. Jaco is quite pleasant and likable and brings good energy to those around him.

Average rating:
Eye color: Blue
Zodiac: Pisces
Dick type: Average
Dick size: 17.5
Hair color: Brown
Height: 172
Weight: 64

Sex scenes

  Jaco   &   Bobby

Jaco & Bobby


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