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Zane Belville & Virgil Avedon

Virgil Avedon is interviewed by Jerome Exupery about the surprise he has for us today. Virgil will introduce a new boy called Zane Belville in his first-ever hardcore video. After undergoing a few training sessions together, it’s time to switch on the camera and show us the results of all their practice. Zane is not shy and immediately opens up before the action starts. When Jerome leaves the couple to themselves, they start to undress and then enjoy some oral and rimming foreplay. When Zane’s butt is ready, Virgil penetrates his ass and fucks him deep. Zane clearly loves bottoming and cums unexpectedly before Virgil throws him on his back and keeps fucking him until cumming as well. The action today is rather slow but Zane seems to enjoy every second of it.

Virgil Avedon
Zane Belville
D********* - 05/02/2024 4:43:17 PM

Both have a nice slim body, Virgil nicely tanned but at least as beautiful is the non-tanned Zane. It's also special that Zane keeps his glasses on and to a large extent his shirt, which makes him even sexier.

b******************* - 01/31/2024 7:59:29 AM

I really liked this scene! Both Virgil and Zane are good looking. I liked that Zane kept his shirt on for part of the scene and took it off completely part way. Personally I liked the glasses! Good way to switch things up from usual.

M*************** - 10/19/2023 8:48:43 PM

Virgil Avedon will give you major wood just glancing at him on the street. Seriously there you are waiting at a crosswalk, glance his way, immediately your horny. He's the frat/football dude in college. That said, my comments were not made to take away anything positive away from Zane or his performance. My issue is that they have the looks, bodies and obviously can fuck, but the chemistry was negative 10, the pace slower than a sloth coming down the tree. Yes this is Zane's first scene, but he needs to share with us the pleasure he is enjoying and frankly, Virgil may have needed a little more coffee this morning to help him as well. There was no big picture looked at here. The set decoration was like Laura Ashley, mixed with Zanes shirt which was cute but just added to a whole lot of confusion in slow motion. The hottest view on set was Virgil's ample bulge in his simple Calvins. Next time tone down the weird combination of colors and patterns, they shouldn't look like their in one of their little sisters rooms. Let the focus be on them, lets speed up the tempo and get off watching two very attractive and sexy men fuck, move while they do it and put the pedal to the metal and get some passion and energy into it. I liked Zanes glasses just fine, in fashion. He's sexy so while the room gets its more grown up look, maybe Zane can get some hot jeans or anything from the young mens department. Fuck people, have sex and some passion. Sorry for being picky but what a waste. And they both have great potential so let them. I forgot what I just watched.

R***** - 08/30/2023 11:39:18 AM

Good scene no silly story line I liked the glasses

T****** - 08/26/2023 5:22:24 AM

I hate to say it but the glasses are a total turn off for me.

l********** - 08/22/2023 9:26:31 AM

American Dad meets Harry Potter

B******** - 08/19/2023 5:28:42 PM

Zane is the scene stealer for me as the twink who wants it all - that is why he cums early on but he carries on being fucked and enjoying it. Seeing him with his body still to fill out as a full man and as the twink with an older guy is really sexy! Spectacles and floppy hair a real turn on. More please.

a***** - 08/19/2023 10:40:57 AM

I'm really surprised about Zane. I don't think I'll like him, I usually don't like guys that pale, with curly hair, and wear glasses. But then watching it, the color of his skin contrasts well with Virgil and also with his lightly hair. He seems to feel totally into sex, moaning while his ass is licked. It's odd, hearing him moan and watchin him jerk his body like that, the fact that his cock is soft doesn't bother me at all, and it kinda turns me on, though his shirt does seem to be blocking my way a bit. Maybe I got a wrong impression but his cock doesn't seem hard either when he rides Virgil and tbh, it doesn't bother me. It's hot to see him cum in that position too, but I'm a little bothered I dont get to see his face and his whole body. And even though it's not a lot of cum, it's hot he's turned on enough to cum like that. I bet he enjoys it a lot too, cumming while his ass is penetrated like that! And obviously, too hot for me to see him fucked after!! So it's just a bit of a shame I can't see his white goo dripping on his cock while he continues to take it. Anyway, I'm super surprised I like this boy. I just hope you don't make me wait for ever and I stop getting excited by him!

m***** - 08/18/2023 1:51:41 AM

Ohhh ... Zane does it for me totally ... what a hottie

d******* - 08/16/2023 11:02:07 PM

Virgil and Zane fun in bed.

L******** - 08/16/2023 11:55:22 AM

Fluffy-chubby Virgil again? It seems you want to degrade the level of the company, indeed.

t********* - 08/16/2023 9:56:44 AM

Virgil is a keeper because of the tan smooth skin and those big nipples. Please get him to work out with weights as soon as possible. Please show this butt-white, butt-ugly Zane the door. Quickly. No further need for comment but dock the talent scout’s pay for this one. Jez…

t***** - 08/16/2023 7:51:02 AM

Zane has some potential, get him with one of the older BA daddy models to shw him the way.

g******* - 08/16/2023 1:51:20 AM

I am with the majority of comments. Virgil is really good looking with a beautiful body and seeing him at the beginning with his big boner in the pale blue underwear was a real turn on. Zane is cute, enthusiastic and clearly he loves cock. A kid who is keen is a kid worth having and I hope he does well.

g********* - 08/15/2023 5:35:17 PM

Great scene. Both guys are gorgeous. Please, more scenes with Zane.

g******* - 08/15/2023 3:01:18 PM

Can't get enough of Vigil...

J********* - 08/15/2023 1:32:36 PM

Zane looks sexy. I would have loved if he had removed his glasses for this scene. As some one who wear glasses, off they go to the bedside while making love. Anyway, nice round with these two hot guys!

a***** - 08/15/2023 1:30:29 PM

In 1987 the teen rom-com “Can’t Buy Me Love” was released starring Patrick Dempsey, who was instantly my my movie star fantasy fuck. Now 36 years later, I now know what that experience would have been like 😻😻 Zane Belville is an adorable little guy and soooo white 🤭😂 but he loves a dick in his ass and I love him 😍. Hope BelAmi gives him a fair chance!

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