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Yannis with Eluan & Carlos

Usually we get to see Eluan and Yannis getting undressed, but today's scene is special as it begins with them actually putting clothes ON as they get ready to go out. There is a simple reason why they don’t make out as soon as they wake up: Carlos Effort is in town and our two rascals are supposed to show him around the city. Carlos knows that there will be other chances to sightsee and prefers to use the time to let our two hot guys take care of his sexual needs. Yannis and Eluan warm Carlos up with a deep and intense blowjob and then quickly move on to servicing his hot ass. Carlos knows exactly what our boys are capable of and lets them take him from every angle until they cover his face and ass in cum.

Eluan Jeunet
Yannis Paluan
Carlos Effort
M********* - 11/05/2023 6:41:25 PM

Very hot treesome.

m****** - 04/03/2022 7:38:32 PM

Carlos os charming, Yannis is...well, he is a natural born superstar, and the double facial is the stuff of porn dreams. I am so tired of cum on the but, this is what I want to see for my money.

j*************** - 11/29/2021 5:35:35 PM

I find Carlos is so boring. Yannis is always great and Eluan is getting better and better. Pair them with a better bottom.

m******* - 07/05/2021 5:59:33 AM

Eluan tries too hard in every scene and Carlos seems to never get hard…Yannis on the other hand is a natural! He makes up for everything!

V************ - 06/11/2021 4:22:18 PM

A very good well filmed and performed scene with three very good looking physically fit models.. It is unfortunate however that none of the models have particularly stellar cum blasts making the climax the weakest part of the whole scene.

b******* - 06/10/2021 4:32:59 AM

Super hotttttt!

a********* - 06/09/2021 2:07:28 PM

Carlos is absolutely gorgeous and would love to see more of him. Eluan and. Yannis are perfection.

d******* - 06/09/2021 11:28:04 AM

Yannis is simply gorgeous so well built, muscular, lovely body, nice cock with lips to match. I just can not say enough about Yannis as he stole the show. 💓💓💓

r*********** - 06/09/2021 6:35:05 AM

Anything with Yannis is so beautiful I can feel totally satisfied.

g******* - 06/09/2021 3:39:23 AM

Three sexy hung boys with beautiful bodies. Strictly speaking they belong on the other site but times have been challenging and BA has always had something for us.

J****** - 06/08/2021 7:57:05 PM

Strongly agree with Jasper2020, can't say it better!!!

P****** - 06/08/2021 6:23:11 PM

Typical Yannis. Even when he's wearing something on top he's flashing his pecs.

J********* - 06/08/2021 3:15:28 PM

One step forward, two steps back. First the plus side, a three way between 3 hot models. The down side, the scene is done in a hard surface kitchen, how can you get comfortable for a long sex session, mentally can't get around this (i know my issue) and lastly, overly staged, it just feels like this is another safe "by the numbers" production. Doesn't feel all that natural or spontaneous or that the guys are turned on by each other. sigh. BA needs longer extended sex scenes where the guys are genuinely into gay sex and let loose on each other, no heavy editing. I have lately turned to more OF scenes because they provide me that sense of realism (but OF is often terribly filmed) - just putting that out there since I think BA might be able to pull it off under the right direction and models.

t****** - 06/08/2021 12:42:57 PM

These gents are past Freshmen stage especially Carlos

s******** - 06/08/2021 12:15:09 PM


l********** - 06/08/2021 12:01:44 PM

I wonder what that Carlos is doing in "freshmen". He is not that fresh, but all over the net in various productions. He is overly professional.

L******** - 06/08/2021 11:26:46 AM

Carlos is not a Belami worth model. He has a total lack of talent that tries to solve with nice body...and that is all. Small dick, bad performance.

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