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Yannis Paluan & Jon Kael

Our introduction of Yannis Paluan continues as we pair him with the more experienced Jon Kael. Social Media can lead to sexual synergy. Both boys got to know each other through an online fitness website with their relationship moving from the chatroom to the bedroom. This is Yannis’ first scene in which he demonstrates his affinity for fucking and an evident enthusiasm over being rimmed. Yannis’ enthusiasm is reciprocated by Jon with a no holds barred fucking that soon has Yannis moaning in pleasure.

Jon Kael
Yannis Paluan
g*********** - 03/16/2021 1:56:52 PM

Both are so HOT. Yannis is my fantasy man.

d******* - 04/08/2020 12:41:13 PM

Yannis was very loving and sexy giving Jon what he wanted from the chatroom. Yannis so clean cut with lovely sweet smile, great body and nice cock.

p******* - 12/15/2019 8:11:45 PM

Fabulous scene with two superhot models that embody male perfection. I agree with bpr6205 that high resolution images should be provided of these scenes as on the main BA site.

g********** - 12/03/2019 12:37:15 PM

Great scene with two gorgeous hunks. Lots more like this and lots more of Yannis, please!

b****** - 11/11/2019 8:39:14 PM

Aside from the sucking it had everything I admire and expect from Freshman models. It use to be common to see deep throating , no longer true. Two requests to management yet again. Why no year membership & why can't you provide zipped images as all other top sites do?

x****** - 06/23/2019 5:56:49 PM

Watching Jon's beautiful cock and sexy, muscled body in motion, fucking Yannis, is truly a sight to behold! And to have Yannis and His sexy body, to be fucked, is awesome.

a********* - 03/23/2019 10:15:30 AM

I think Jon is so hot and he is is a super top

a****** - 03/17/2019 3:42:04 AM, what a buff beauty.

V************ - 02/05/2019 4:12:11 PM

Two nice looking models, and Jon, of course, is in stunning physical shape. But overall I give it three stars. The kissing was very superficial with no tounge play or deep kissing. Jon's cum shot was so blurred that it was essentially a non-plus. Yannis' cum shot was better and it was nice to see Jon lick up a tad of cum the end and go down orally on Yannis' cum covered cock, but how much better of Jon had lapped up a big wad of Yannis cum and then gave if him a tongue in mouth kiss. Once again a poor use of the natural lighting was made with the light behind the models so that it was dark (shadowed) where there should have been lots of light. Once again, no decent full shots of the muscled ass of the top as he is fucking his partner.

p****** - 01/31/2019 1:51:54 PM

Yannis will be a great fucker. His cumshots good. More

w******* - 01/31/2019 12:16:45 AM

Jon is so scrumptious wow

g******* - 01/30/2019 11:04:34 PM

Jon is so handsome and ripped and Yannis so cute (but strong too). Great scene between two guys who clearly enjoyed it and I loved the tender kissing at the end.

p***** - 01/30/2019 12:11:24 PM

Jon is amazing to look at and a very talented top.

s******** - 01/30/2019 7:31:58 AM

supercummyfuckarifficsexpenisinhisassisjustdelicious!!! mais goddam BuenoBaisez!!!

s******* - 01/30/2019 2:42:23 AM

Stunning, beautiful, sexy guys who seem to enjoy each other. Super!

S****** - 01/29/2019 11:41:14 PM

The pairing of gorgeous Yannis with sexy muscled fucking machine Jon is stunning. I agree, let's see MORE of gorgeous Yannis.

P****** - 01/29/2019 1:16:58 PM

Two very hot guys. Let's see much more of newcomer Yannis.

L*********** - 01/29/2019 12:32:54 PM

Jon must have felt like the main winner in a lottery with the first prize being the top for Yannis - happy Jon! Congratulations to Yannis and Jon for their first-class performance and for the FM-Team because of the great selection of this wonderful couple - all in all for me this video is one of the best of the month.

o****** - 01/29/2019 10:18:36 AM

Happy to watch magnificent Jon topping so well! Yannis at last! Yannis or the splendor of the flesh! Great couple! Just regret Jon comes first! The rimming was grandiose! Hot cum kissing at the end!

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