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Yannis Paluan & Bruce Querelle - Part 2

Part two starts the morning after their initial hookup. Yannis decides to surprise Bruce with a hearty breakfast. It’s Bruce’s turn to be impatient as he’d prefer another round of lovemaking. We certainly can’t blame him as Yannis’ beautiful ass is much more appetizing than eggs. Though Yannis was denied his eggs, Bruce provided Yannis with a copious amount of an alternative protein source which Yannis greedily lapped up at the end of their lovemaking.

Bruce Querelle
Yannis Paluan
s****** - 05/21/2021 2:05:29 AM


d******* - 12/30/2020 10:04:45 PM

Hermosa pareja, me encanto la cocina, Espectacular. por cierto muy buena la corrida.

g********** - 11/03/2020 1:15:13 PM

Bruce is very handsome and Yannis is totally gorgeous, but much of the camerawork was awful. The cameraman slipped at one point, presumably when climbing on or off the obligatory BA ladder which must apparently be used for all the stupid vertical overhead shots so beloved by Marty Stevens and his acolytes!

l******* - 09/07/2020 10:06:20 AM

I only love Bruce, but if Bruce is bottom into the lens, he can be as passionate as YANNIE, looking forward to this day

V************ - 08/31/2020 5:36:51 PM

To very hot looking men. But Bruce always seems somewhat emotionally detached to me. Never very passionate. The kissing is so superficial. I would call it smooching. Nice cum shot into Yannis' mouth, though difficult to see. Also nice cum shot by Yannis, but again difficult to see because of the whit comforter. Interesting way to cook eggs. The burner was never turned on so their was no need to turn it off. Lol!

R***** - 08/24/2020 1:42:54 PM

I love watching both of these sexy, young, studs suck and fuck. Yannis looks so hot with a mouthful of Brice's tasty spunk.

b****** - 08/14/2020 9:20:44 PM

The only disappointment for me Yannis unlike Bruce did not deep throat other than that a good scene.

h********* - 08/12/2020 6:53:51 PM

I wish I could like Yannis like others do. Bruce is hot. This scene had no excitement between the two guys, not to mention some awful camera work.

w****** - 08/06/2020 10:08:10 PM

Does Yannis really sleep like that? I always thought that one foot on the floor was a recommendation for couples sharing a bed and who didn't want to have sex. Anyway, many thanks and love and kisses to both.

b***** - 08/05/2020 11:45:52 AM

The finale made this part slightly better than part one, two stars at best though.

R************ - 08/05/2020 10:41:49 AM

Per me: sborra in bocca sega fatta!

g******* - 08/05/2020 2:26:04 AM

Highlights: two beautiful men waking up together, naked guys with fabulous asses, great bodies and gorgeous cocks wandering around the kitchen fondling each other. Then OK fuck scene followed by a great shot of Bruce's delicious cum going straight into Yannis's hungry mouth (no spitting) and seeing Bruce's gorgeous hairy ass covered in Yannis's love cream. What could be better?

x****** - 08/04/2020 8:24:43 PM

Ahhh, yes. The best protein source!

P****** - 08/04/2020 4:57:39 PM

@thedean1: It could be there is one bedroom for sleeping and another bedroom for sex. But I would not expect much in the nature of continuity from a BA sex scene. My favorite segment here is the opening, with generous views of Yannis walking around in the nude showing his gorgeous, voluptuous manly assets.

t******* - 08/04/2020 4:17:40 PM

How is it that they woke up in one bedroom and then had sex in another?

a********* - 08/04/2020 1:27:02 PM

A drastic montage offers a very quick example of sexual positions. A brief summary. No passion, no love. Shortness reduces the possibility of falling asleep. Muscular Yannis fills everything, and the intriguing Bruce doesn't get much attention from the director. Overall two very fast parts of videos that give little empathy.

o****** - 08/04/2020 9:54:07 AM

Yes ifflynn and Bruce too! Great lovemaking! Lucky boys! Lucky us!

s******** - 08/04/2020 9:51:45 AM

Bruce & Yannis both growl a Rebel Yell for Mo' Mo' More powerful penile penetration of his delicious derriere because that's what friends are for...a beautiful Bel Ami tale of the wonders of the Art of BuenoBaise & Sexuberant Cocksmanship!!!

i****** - 08/04/2020 9:09:11 AM

Yannis, you are divine.

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