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Yannis Paluan

For all those asking for more new guys, we give you this very sexy solo from Yannis Paluan.   This new model also has a new approach.   There is no interview here.  Instead he speaks directly to the camera as he does his best to seduce everyone watching this very special show.  Let us know in the comments how he does.

Yannis Paluan
r*********** - 05/28/2021 5:13:27 AM

Absolutely stunning - those legs. That ass.

m******* - 05/23/2020 6:06:55 PM

YANNIS PALUAN is my favorite for a while, this Czech dude is hot as hell, like his smooth chest, sensitive nipples and his huge cock and balls. Yannis you are amazing hot, great performer at Freshman...Come back on stage soon Yannis..

i****** - 05/16/2020 9:28:54 AM

Beautiful and very very sexy. I cannot get enough of this wonderful model.

d******* - 04/08/2020 11:57:22 AM

Yannis is lovely, sweet smile, lovely eyes. great body with lovely bedroom to suck his thick cock.

T*********** - 02/24/2020 10:18:24 PM

I like normal format better Yannis is ok

V************ - 02/23/2020 1:59:46 PM

Wow! I am really surprised by the strong negative reaction by some to the seductive nature of this solo. I actually loved this and thought it was Yanis at his best! I love it when the model seduces you in his solo and exudes sensual pleasure as he pleases himself. Yanis has a great physique, and nice thick cock. Taking us with him upstairs, into the shower and then into the bedroom was great! My rating is based on solo performances and I give this one five stars!!! Well done!

w****** - 02/20/2020 10:02:23 PM

I love Yannis but I find this performance sleazy and tawdry. I gave up after less than 4 minutes.

B************ - 02/20/2020 7:16:56 AM

The BEST solo Belami has ever done. Not only is the model beyond superb, but the format of being interactive with the viewer is HOT. Do more like this, PLEASE!

p****** - 02/19/2020 1:02:11 PM

Like Saurian I adore Yannis and love seeing him in anything. So more please, lots more of this young Greek god!

s******** - 02/19/2020 6:49:13 AM

Really hot boy and very sexy scene. Love the cum taste, you should have cleaned it up.

S****** - 02/19/2020 4:39:21 AM

Yannis is like a gorgeous, statuesque Greek God with exotic features. Quite remarkable. Always love seeing him in anything - he is truly captivating.

t********* - 02/19/2020 3:30:06 AM

I love Yannis — PLEASE more of Yannis!! Especially if he is really tan, Yannis is magnificent! Would love to see Yannis bottom for Adam or Torsten or Rhys or Antony or Helmut or Enrique!

h******* - 02/18/2020 8:42:06 PM

Super! What a gorgeous guy. More of him please.

S******* - 02/18/2020 6:27:05 PM

Perfect body! Beautiful feet! Gorgeous ass! It's time to see it getting plowed again!!!

a********* - 02/18/2020 6:06:59 PM

I don't know .. among the many wonderful guys in the house, if he were with the others, my gaze would certainly go to any of the other guys.

n********* - 02/18/2020 5:58:37 PM

I hope Belami/Freshmen would explore a Helping Hand POV format (a la E***B***) where a mysterious cameraman's hands explore these hunks' bodies and help them to completion. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know, but would be nice to see once in a while ;)

p******* - 02/18/2020 4:21:02 PM

I love Yannis so at the least we should have been given a downloadable high-res photoset.

R************ - 02/18/2020 3:29:30 PM

Yannis è fantastico. Vorrei tanto poter assaggiare il suo cazzo e bere tutta la sua sborra!

s******* - 02/18/2020 2:42:21 PM

I liked the format, regrettably Yannis is definitely not my cup of tea.

P****** - 02/18/2020 1:50:45 PM

So long as we get to see Yannis's magnificent body naked, with a few nice shoots of his impeccable ass, I don't care so much about the format. The cum shot wasn't so bad. But Yannis cannot do anything wrong in my book. Such a hottie.

I****** - 02/18/2020 12:25:46 PM

There's always screaming that they should try new things, until they do. Then there's screaming that they should stop trying new things.

g********** - 02/18/2020 10:37:12 AM

Yannis is a gorgeous young hunk, who should be doing far more sex scenes. Would love to see him paired with Paul! As for this scene, personally I liked it (both for Yannis himself and because I do not like BA's ubiquitous timewasting behind the camera windbags).

N******** - 02/18/2020 10:19:32 AM

Lovely model. Terrible idea. The whole thing made me cringe.

m******** - 02/18/2020 9:50:40 AM

I like Yannis, but please, don't. Its weird, total turn off. "Instead he speaks directly to the camera as he does his best to seduce everyone watching this very special show." Please, not again. I'm deeply sorry , but no, thanks,

o****** - 02/18/2020 9:22:14 AM

Gorgeous Yannis deserves better than this so - so writing and filming! Poor cumshot too!

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