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Yannis Paluan

By now you are all probably at least aware of Yannis from his work on BelAmiChat, or from his BelAmi Christmas episode with Nils Tatum, so we would like to start the new year getting to know him a bit better.

This interview is great in so many ways, firstly, Yannis is charming and sexy, cute and funny, and secondly, it didn’t require any translation at all as Yannis is quite proficient in English. Yannis will be back with us at the end of the month in his debut FreshMen scene together with Jon Kael.

Yannis Paluan
e****** - 04/14/2021 4:52:47 AM

Rather nice interview. Yannis seems to be a very relaxed, nice and dedicated person. And also with a sense of humour.

g*********** - 03/16/2021 1:54:14 PM

Very impressed with his English. Not to mention a great personality and smokin body.

i****** - 05/16/2020 9:31:38 AM

Nice guy, sexy too.

d******* - 04/08/2020 12:18:30 PM

Yannis seems very sweet with nice personality give him a chance and wish to kiss those sweet lips!

h******** - 11/26/2019 6:13:44 PM

A remarkable young man - he's someone I would want to have a long leisurely dinner with. He's thoughtful, articulate, intelligent, honest -- what more could anyone ask? I hope we see much more of him, and soon! ...I have one complaint: In many of these interviews we can barely hear the interviewer, or barely understand him. That makes it difficult to make sense out of the model's replies and comments. PLEASE put the mic closer to the interviewer (halfway between them), or if possible add a separate mic for the unseen person.

b****** - 06/03/2019 7:51:23 PM

What can I say yet another hottie. I can't wait to see many more scenes with him.

M********* - 02/23/2019 7:03:56 PM

It's a funny naked interwiev of Yannis, he has a great personality and he's beautiful too. Hope to see more of him.

g********* - 01/28/2019 1:58:07 AM

Intelligent, looks like a real good guy, in very good shape, physically and mentally. Looking forward to his Freshmen scenes. Welcome Yaniis!!!

c********* - 01/26/2019 4:43:45 PM

Yannis is remarkable, as almost everyone here agrees, with his articulate intelligence, great beauty and charm. As sweet as honey and as hot as Hell.

w****** - 01/07/2019 10:20:05 PM

I take issue with InteUtanMinCykel. True beauties with nice friendly personalities are not rare at Belami.

a********* - 01/07/2019 12:38:44 PM

Thrilling and alluring body and face.

n***** - 01/06/2019 12:44:48 AM

His soft dick nestled in his pubic hair and his sweet natural manner is beautiful to behold!!!!

g********** - 01/05/2019 8:40:43 PM

hot boy but waste of a vid

V************ - 01/04/2019 7:09:15 PM

Very nice young man. Well built. Very articulate. Graet personality and smile.

s******** - 01/03/2019 5:03:41 PM

looking for more

C******** - 01/03/2019 1:14:16 AM

WOW! We all knew he is gorgeous! But it turns out, he is charming, sweet and knows how to express himself. I absolutely enjoyed his scene with Nils; as a matter of fact, I was already loved the quicky before that. I suspect as long as Yannis is around on BA Online (would also love to see him in the backstage scenes), I will be subscribed ....😊😘😍

g******* - 01/02/2019 9:02:25 PM

Lovely, handsome young man very free to talk about his sexuality. Hope to see much more of him.

t********* - 01/02/2019 12:20:27 AM

I strongly agree with oterbor, acquarello and Pianist: Yannis is hot af! LOVE his chest and those awesome nipples!! He would look better more tanned and Yannis DEFINITELY looks best in LONG hair! But, would LOVE to see him get fucked by Adam, Torsten, Bruce, Jim Kerouac, Jens, Enrique or Andre. Lots of passionate tongue kissing, deep eye contact and a very-far flying cumshot from Yannis as he is fucked! Please, GD! It would be winning casting.

N******** - 01/01/2019 5:00:27 PM

He's not only stunning but charming. Very happy that he takes it up the ass but I wasn't particularly impressed by his scene with Nils - hopefully we'll get to see him ride some much girther cocks soon. At least in that scene his asshole was relatively (!) hair free - lets hope he doesn't get turned into one of the hairy ass army at BA.

n***** - 01/01/2019 4:54:25 PM

Please put Yannis in a scene with Chris Lundgrin, he is such a passionate lover as well I believe there is real chemistry in the making.

P****** - 01/01/2019 2:05:31 PM

He's totally scrumptious. Want to see more of him standing naked so we can see the shapely lines of his body and especially that plump, firm ass.

I*************** - 01/01/2019 11:28:22 AM

One of those rare Bel Ami finds. A true beauty with a nice and friendly personality.

o****** - 01/01/2019 10:28:22 AM

My gorgeous Yannis at last! Can reading English well enough but have more difficulties with oral English. Well, my eyes were satisfied watching him during the interview and love his voice. Was filled up with his smooth beautiful body and attractive face! Can appreciate smoothness sometimes! The splendour of the flesh! The Splendour of His Flesh!!!

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