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Virgil with Johnny & Riff 

Riff Dornan and Johnny Eilish team up today to indulge the sexual whims of Virgil Avedon. The three meet up in an apartment and the action starts immediately. A triple handjob soon develops into some intense oral foreplay and rimming. Both Johnny and Riff are endowed with juicy cocks and our bottom boy wants to feel both of them inside him. The duo alternate in fucking Virgil in different positions until they climax over his face and body. Who is ready to play next?

Riff Dornan
Virgil Avedon
Johnny Eilish
M****** - 01/13/2024 5:10:35 PM

I would've liked this more if Riff had topped both of the others instead of taking turns with Johnny tag-teaming Virgil. Whenever Riff is in a scene I'm mainly interested in watching him top. It would've been wonderful to see him go from one asshole to the other, the bottom boys thrilled to feel that enormous cock. Also I agree with @Saurian that Virgil's headshot isn't the best.

R***** - 10/02/2023 4:56:44 PM

Virgil looks great being spit roasted; before shooting a fantastic powerful cum shot over his smooth chest; followed by cute, sexy Johnny sucking his cum smeared cock clean. Virgil looks even sexier with Riff's cum spurted over his freshly fucked ass and Johnny's spunk splattered over his face.

M********* - 09/09/2023 11:52:22 PM

Wonderful, hot sex between hot guys. Virgil is an amazing beautyful bottom and I like his bush and his comshot so much.

e********* - 09/08/2023 5:44:11 PM

I love Virgil and he was a great bottom for Riff & Johnny. His cum shot was also fantastic!! Overall was really good.

S****** - 09/07/2023 12:17:27 PM

Virgil is excellent. However, I think what is putting off some folks is his intro photo for each video. The photo makes him look like he is frowning and angry. Change that photo to one showing him smile, and perceptions will change.

p********** - 09/06/2023 6:38:37 AM

I don't understand the hate Virgil has been getting here at all. I think he's great!

w****** - 09/01/2023 10:14:04 PM

Has Riff been taking sartorial lessons from Jerome? I would ask where he got those trousers but only so I can avoid that shop. Still, I will always be happy to find room for him in my bed.

g******* - 09/01/2023 2:23:35 AM

I loved seeing Johnny and Virgil wandering around in their tight underwear then Riff with his deep voice and big cock turned out to be a most welcome visitor.

s******** - 08/30/2023 6:45:45 AM


J********* - 08/29/2023 6:24:34 PM

Huge fan of threesomes, and love this outing with these three handsome men!

d******* - 08/29/2023 3:17:05 PM

It was okay if you like 3 somes.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž.

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