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Virgil Avedon & Daley Anholt

In issue 330 we introduced you to Virgil Avedon as our first newcomer of the year. Here we present his first scene. Virgil is sexually very passionate and in this video is paired with another sex addict, Daley Anholt. As soon as Daley arrives home from the gym, Virgil starts to seduce his friend by kissing him and caressing his body. Their mutual attraction is undeniable and after trading blowjobs, Virgil starts to play with Daley’s ass. Soon Virgil gets to show his topping skills and Daley enjoys every inch of Virgil's dick. By the end of the session and two fantastic orgasms, Daley’s body is covered in cum.

Daley Anholt
Virgil Avedon
g******* - 03/04/2023 1:37:13 AM

There was a delightful intimacy between these two sexy guys. The both have beautiful nipples!

H******* - 03/02/2023 3:36:02 PM

Mr. Anholt is very sexy. I love him. Sweet tall young man.

M********* - 03/01/2023 7:49:27 PM

Hot sex between amazing and sweet guys. And yes, I love full bushes too.

r*********** - 03/01/2023 3:00:20 PM

I love the broken linear tatt on his forearm and Virgil's lovely black bush of cockhair.

w****** - 02/28/2023 11:01:06 PM

Mutual tattoo worship? This set me thinking, perhaps one day we will see a model with a tattoo of a bush where his pubes should be, or maybe even a phallus.

B********* - 02/28/2023 10:37:39 AM

Oh they are both very handsome. I hope someday Daley give us full bush, c'mon its about time! XD

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