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Virgil Avedon

Virgil Avedon has been with us for some time now and we felt it was finally time to get to know him from a different perspective. In this interview with GD, a lot of secrets are revealed about our Eastern beauty but we also get some fascinating personal reflections from GD as well. As well as discovering his original nickname, he also tells why he first moved to the Czech Republic. After the interview, Virgil strokes his nice juicy cock and gives us that big smile again after cumming all over his stomach. Isn’t he adorable?

Virgil Avedon
J******* - 02/09/2024 9:08:37 AM

He is very cute, would be better without the tatts.

G****** - 02/07/2024 2:02:08 PM

Another prosaic interview.

M*************** - 02/07/2024 10:42:11 AM

Before I share some thoughts on V, let me say I really would love if one day George would have his biography written. Even those who so call oppose this industry would find his story and his rise to one of the world's finest gay porn studios...and the inside intrigue...a sure fire bestseller. V is a beautiful man, you can tell on the inside as well, but so handsome, his beautiful luxuriant hair, facial features including those sensuous lips,, delicious muscular tall frame, large package and bubble butt all add up to super star. Why the rabid and personal attacks that followed later I"m still perplexed except to say how embarrassing to read such rubbish and sad. Here in America, this man would be in such demand, the quintessential mid west corn fed captain of the football team, most popular and desired with the best looking girl, but satisfying his sexual needs with the best looking common.... I'm so happy he continues on, our gorgeous stud with the flawless look and silky perfect skin. Bravo BelAmi.

M********* - 02/06/2024 6:37:28 PM

Amazing guy, his beauty is naturaly and he is charming too. I like Virgil from the first time I saw him, he is very sexy. Hope to see much moore of him.

D****** - 02/06/2024 6:05:49 PM

So how did he get from Nick Evan’s to Virgil Avadon? Whatever, he is beautiful!!

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