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Virgil Avedon

Handsome Virgil Avedon steps in front of the camera today as the first newcomer of the year. Besides being physically very attractive, Virgil is a kind and reliable model. This first photo set comes during a trip to South Africa and was taken by the amazing Benno Thoma. We hope you will enjoy this gallery because there is a lot to come from Virgil in the future.

L************* - 08/18/2023 11:22:42 PM

Definite keeper!

t****** - 05/05/2023 7:25:15 AM

I don't like the tats, but he's hot. There is potential.

b******* - 03/31/2023 12:37:22 AM

Welcome aboard, Virgil! We will have a great time with you!

P******** - 03/29/2023 6:50:22 AM

Virgil commands an intensity I don't recall in any recent models or older established models for that matter. His face can change from happy and inviting and with a move of his eyes he means business, and nothing else will suffice Thankfully, Virgil shares the same definition of business that all the Belami family does. Yum. Thats a hot attribute.

m******* - 03/22/2023 2:25:03 PM

OMG.... I love newcomer Virgil Avedon and it was pleasure to see that he joined the Freshman team. Was love at 1st sight. As soon as Virgil Avedon took off his T-shirt, i was breathless watching his smooth chest and big sensitive and perky nipples. Like to see how he show us his hot male body and huge uncut banana dick and balls, which are so massive and huge. Was a great pleasure to see how this guy strokes his huge uncut banana dick untill he shoots his cum load. Great guy is he. Hope to see Virgil Avedon, very soon in a hot video where he get fucked very hard bareback.

a****** - 02/11/2023 6:58:16 PM

Handsome Virgil has arrived. Really like pic 8 and can’t wait for his solo and many scenes with some of the hot guys.

S****** - 02/06/2023 1:27:05 AM

Sexy man! And lovely cock.

M********* - 02/01/2023 9:08:55 PM

Wow, wow, wow what a sexy man. Please bring him in solos and action with other guys. Amazing photos. Virgil have such an beautyful body. I like his pubehair styled like the romans do (half-moon), everything on him is nice and cute.

J******** - 02/01/2023 7:01:18 AM

He must run thru life like a peacock being adored by male and female I guess. I would like to have a session with him :)

b********* - 01/31/2023 10:38:07 PM

Very attractive young man and great photos, but the crop job of his pubic area leaves a lot to be desired. If the purpose of "manscaping" [a ridiculous concept to me] is to make pubic hair less noticeable, this razor job did not accomplish that.

g******* - 01/31/2023 10:24:15 PM


m***** - 01/31/2023 6:03:12 PM

Virgil is stunning!!! Beautiful lad, great body, I am glad we will see him more often!

s******* - 01/31/2023 3:47:46 PM

definitely 5 stars! Can't wait to watching him in a scene!

c***** - 01/31/2023 3:45:06 PM

I'm so excited to hear that their is more to come. I'm finding Virgil very attractive, love his manly body. Also really liking the photos, good job guys!

l********** - 01/31/2023 3:35:09 PM

The amazing Benno Thoma did his best.

w********* - 01/31/2023 2:33:14 PM

Love the last photo of him with the life preserver.

r*********** - 01/31/2023 12:21:26 PM

I can see how he'll be liked by some people - but that upper lip is off-putting big time. Better when he smiles. I DO like the tatt on his left forearm. Lovely graphic design. The one on his side - nah. Sorry, a 1 from me.

b********** - 01/31/2023 11:33:24 AM

What a great photoshoot and what wonderful news that there is a lot to come. I` m in love with Virgil since I first saw him in the chat

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