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Viggo Sorensen & Peter Annaud

Despite us having plenty of material with Viggo, it was challenging finding the right introductory sex scene to present to you. This is because all his scenes are part of a larger series. In the end, we decided to steal this scene from one of those projects so we could present our cameraman-turned-model here today.

Our choice of first scene demonstrates Viggo’s ability to handle almost any sized dick. We were worried that Viggo wouldn’t be able to handle the girth of Peter Annaud’s thick cock, but Viggo turned out to be a natural and Peter was happy not to have to hold back at all. The two boys wind up shooting their loads simultaneously. Peter shoots his into Viggo’s eager mouth and Viggo, in anticipation of Peter’s creamy load, shoots his all over the floor.

Peter Annaud
Viggo Sorensen
t********* - 12/21/2020 12:19:14 PM

Viggo wanted some cock and he sure enjoyed Peter's big one in his mouth and ass. What a wasted load of Viggo's shot on the floor.

s********** - 07/01/2020 6:59:02 AM

Viggo, Viggo, Viggo. Stunning, beautiful. i love his eager mouth, nipples and cock. More please. in the middle of a threesome?

P********* - 05/30/2020 10:41:02 AM

Sweet.. And I love the wrestling at the end..

d******* - 05/24/2020 12:13:39 AM

Peter so loving and cute with nice body, sweet cock to suck, gorgeous eyes, nice abs too. He would be a good fuck too.

a********* - 05/07/2020 4:08:59 AM

In response to GayLuvr62. Beards are very popular for all men, gay or straight in North America, and most will take the time to ensure they are well groomed at all times. Beards are considered an important part of your appearance , and the shorter the better. Nude sunbathing is embraced by the gay community, however mostly along the West Coast (California) and East Coast (Mass, parts of New York and Delaware, then Florida). Please note puritan Christian Evangelicals and those in the southern part of the United States as well as the middle states would be less accepting. Canada is far more evolved in accepting the gay lifestyle, gay right to wed has been legal there for years, with little opposition. We tend to welcome and enjoy learning of new cultures and our big cities are made of distinct ethnic areas to promote diversity. America is far less comfortable with this way of life outside their major urban areas.

G******** - 09/23/2019 3:54:14 AM

Do guys of the world like there guys to have a Beard if it's taken care of? Also, do many gay guys worldwide sunbathe naked

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:35:47 AM

Un vero invito a segarsi.

p******* - 08/17/2019 7:05:27 PM

Viggo is superhot - what's not to like? - handsome, blond, buff, hung, passionate. I am excited that more scenes with Viggo are on the way.

S****** - 08/15/2019 5:20:34 PM

Virgo is HOT!! I hope we see lots more of him.

t********* - 08/14/2019 4:42:09 AM

Agree with my friend otrebor, xlnt2b1 and Pianist — Viggo has a very hot body and performed well against a very significantly endowed model, especially for his first scene. My takeaway, however, is to highly praise a scene that was WAY more focused on nipple play than any I have seen in a very long time - no doubt in part because both Peter (especially Peter) and Viggo have magnificent nipples— but even still it was a joy to see finally this level of attention. Bravo!

g******* - 08/14/2019 3:04:16 AM

I endorse the glowing comments about Viggo. He is sensational in everyway and clearly has been a lover of cock for a long time. Peter is a star and he wields his big thick dick with ease and Viggo takes it all.

s***** - 08/13/2019 10:25:31 PM

More Viggo, please!!!!

P****** - 08/13/2019 9:01:38 PM

Viggo in, well, anything except clothes! His body is even more beautiful than Paul's, and that's saying a lot.

S************ - 08/13/2019 5:49:33 PM

More Viggo! Viggo in a threesome...Viggo in an orgy...Viggo in, well, anything!

x****** - 08/13/2019 5:27:36 PM

Mamma Mia, this is Hot! Glad to hear there are a lot more of Viggo's scenes to cum!

m******** - 08/13/2019 3:40:59 PM

I LOVE Peter faces (and everything else of course). I really wish to see Adam playing with Peter's expressions. I can't forget Adam showing how Andre and Kevin masturbate. So funny. I remember when Peter was a newbie, all shy and Adam teasing him. Great job guys, there is nothing like Bel Ami!

s******* - 08/13/2019 10:27:09 AM

Viggo! 💕💕💕

o****** - 08/13/2019 9:30:40 AM

Scorching! Tender and playful! Wonderful pairing! Viggo is gorgeous and sexy! He is a great performer and cock lover! His dick is hard all the time while he sucks Peter big meat or being fucked! His cumshot is stunning! Peter's looks are incredible, He was never so ecstatic! Perfectly filmed!

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