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Viggo Sorensen & Ethan O'Pry

Ethan wakes to a beautiful morning in our Andalusian villa and decides to engage in some morning exercise as the sun rises. Viggo Sorensen is also up but soon forgets the scenery when he spies sexy Ethan working out downstairs. Viggo grabs his coffee and joins Ethan on the terrace but has a very different kind of „exercise“ in mind. Viggo convinces Ethan to quit his morning routine by kissing him and showing him his hard-on in his shorts. Ethan doesn't take much convincing and kneels down to perform a deep blowjob on Viggo. But soon he finds out that the only way to truly satisfy Viggo is to put his hard dick in his butt. The boys move to the kitchen where they fuck against the glass door, on the floor, and on the kitchen table until they both shoot big loads of cum. After a shower together, they join the boys having breakfast at the table where they just fucked. Better not tell them what just happened there!

Viggo Sorensen
Ethan O'Pry
M******* - 05/04/2023 8:46:58 PM

Excellent cum eating scene. I love doing it and watching it. Very good video.

S****** - 11/22/2022 7:07:16 AM

Viggo is quite the accomplished cum eater, making it look so much more wonderful an experience than it really is! He even outshines Kevin Warhal, who really faked it, in this department. I think Viggo genuinely loves it!

B***** - 11/19/2022 7:21:30 PM

São a luzinha dos meus olhos!

L****** - 10/30/2022 11:54:38 AM


L*********** - 10/28/2022 4:10:07 AM

Viggo is gorgeous and without a doubt one of the very best bottoms in the industry. His lust and ecstasy having hard shaft in is man hole or hi mouth, is almost to hot to watch. Now Ethan. I live on the other side of the Atlantic so I'm not always in touch with the latest fashion for men in Europe, having said that I'm noticing s definite increase of models growing there hair on other European sites as well. But I'm going to refer to Ethan and be very honest with my opinion. Today's hairs looked a bit like s birds nest., totally ungroomed. His other scenes are similar except for the birds nest. Ethan is a beautiful young man whose obvious preference is long hair, but when he got his shorter hair cut he was simply perfection. Incredibly handsome and you could see the pleasure in his beautiful face during his scenes. He's also quite slim, which in my opinion never favors long hair. I find myself less interested in watching his scenes, and sometimes skip them altogether. It's a shame. Please get it cut again.

s******* - 10/26/2022 3:04:03 PM

Two gorgeous guys, among the best ever. And yet this scene lacks someting. I think the direction wasn't that good (maybe there were some issues). And Ethan looks a bit lame, and can't understand why. Well, a bad day can happen to anyone! 4 stars, regrettably.

g******* - 10/26/2022 5:41:57 AM

Lovely scene. I actually like the man bun but it's more important that Ethan is an intelligent and thoughtful young man. Watch his interview and be entranced by his beauty, his evident preference for guys and his gorgeous body. Viggo is also handsome, athletic and incredibly sexy.

J********* - 10/26/2022 4:16:40 AM

Overall I enjoyed this video. I have to admit that it would have been even hotter had Ethan not wear that annoying bun, and let his beach boy hair fly free. I know that does not highlight his face and can be distracting, but man, he has the sexiest hair, only to be ruined by a wimpy bun. Anyway, never care for sex on a table or hard surface. Looks so uncomfortable . A little light foot play could have spiced this up as well. Anyway, 4 stars. It stayed within the BA boundaries, so not disappointing, but not hitting many of my buttons either.

V************ - 10/25/2022 10:01:12 PM

Two disappointing scenes this week. Two very hot models here with a good beginning outside where there is plenty of light. Then the scene moved insside where the lighting was terrible. All of the light was in the background so the rest of the scene was shot without great light except for when they were standing right in front of the patio door.But once the camera went underneath the lighting was terrible. Then when Viggo is giving oral to Ethan on the table a lot of it is shot from the top of Viggo's head,which happens often in other scenes as well and is not a good view. Viggo's cumshot was almost non-existent and Ethan's oral shot mostly went on the floor, as far as I could tell Which was another disappointment. I download and save a lot of scenes on both sites but neither of these two scenes from Freshamn today will be among them. I just hate to see such wasted opportunities with such hot models. I give it 3 stars at best.

w****** - 10/25/2022 9:27:30 PM

No blue pills needed here. I love Ethan's beautiful lean body. Lots of love to both.

B***** - 10/25/2022 4:30:24 PM

Nice scene ...... Ethan has lovely long hair; however, please no man buns as I hate them!

d******* - 10/25/2022 3:43:13 PM

Both were very sexy and in for a good time making love.

c********* - 10/25/2022 11:26:04 AM

A second round in the shower would’ve been supurb. Both these super studs were up and ready for it

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