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Viggo Sorensen & Ashton Montana

Viggo Sorensen puts on his apron to make breakfast for him and his friend Ashton Montana this morning. After tasting the food, Ashton offers to help Viggo get out of his ridiculous apron. Viggo’s perfectly shaped body and Ashton’s constant horniness ensure that this will be an eventful morning. Even though Ashton and Viggo have known each other for a while and they have an undeniable mutual sexual attraction, this is the first time they have been on their own. Viggo’s hard dick soon catches Ashton's attention. After sucking it deeply, he offers his own big, thick cock for a blowjob. This soon leads to a rimjob and it's no surprise that Ashton enjoys the attentions of Viggo's lively tongue. Without further ado, Viggo slides his rock-hard dick into Ashton’s ass and fucks him without even leaving the kitchen. The kitchen counter seems like the perfect place for this hot morning session between these two sexy jocks. The encounter concludes with the inevitable cumshots over Ashton’s body. There will be a follow-up between them next month with an added guest.

Viggo Sorensen
Ashton Montana
J********** - 05/14/2024 9:28:23 PM

I've always loved Viggo, his trim, compact physique and sandy hair, and straightforward demeanor. And he really knows how to give a blow-job... all that deep-throating. Wow. Seems to deliver an even better fuck to Ashton;, from the smiles of pleasure on his face.... just what he wanted. Ashton is a new fasscination for me. His towering 6'4" frame makes Viggo look diminutive, not something I'd ever expected to see. And that tremendous lankiness rather unfairly makes his considerable cock look more modest than it is. In the rimming action, as Viggo continues to milk that dick you can see how it fills the grasp of Viggo's hand. I really satisfying scene, which would have been made better with the final cum shot anywhere but the butthole. Just not a turn on to me. I mean... I know you're already "there", after pulling out from the fucking, but it just seems lazy and a waste to dump a load at the site. I guess it turns on some. I'm not one of them.

p***** - 05/13/2024 1:08:12 PM

Ashton is so 🔥🔥

D********* - 05/13/2024 7:16:32 AM

Deliciously hot scene with two equally hot guys. It doesn't bother me that this happened in a kitchen, but I do like to see it in a natural environment like a garden. I love the combination of a big boy with a smaller boy like here with Ashton and Viggo. Ashton always does very well as a bottom. Maybe this is what he prefers? Great recording BA!

g******* - 05/12/2024 4:15:11 AM

Ashton is so damn tall next to Viggo. Fuck on the couch or the bed please!!

b******* - 05/11/2024 2:00:43 AM


j******* - 05/10/2024 2:13:26 PM

Love seeing Viggo back at Freshmen. He's amazing. More please!

s********* - 05/10/2024 2:58:25 AM

the rimming scene was excellent, if too brief, more like this please

d***** - 05/08/2024 5:46:24 PM

Agree with Bryan F - kitchen surfaces are too hard for having sex.

b********** - 05/08/2024 8:48:49 AM

@ teewink Ashton topped only two times First one with Mikael Nyoman on freshmen and the other one with Asher from Sean Cody

C***** - 05/07/2024 8:26:02 PM

Fantastisch Asthon 😍😍😍😍😍

t****** - 05/07/2024 5:21:19 PM

I adore Ashton! Has he ever topped? Will he?

B***** - 05/07/2024 2:57:43 PM

Kitchen again! Not a turn on. While both guys are attractive, this scene did nothing for me.

H***** - 05/07/2024 11:39:30 AM

Both are hot. I adore Ashton. Pity that the top, in this case Viggo, has again no butt. You've got to learn that the top is in a scene too, not only with his dick!!

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