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Viggo Sorensen

There is no doubt that Viggo Sorensen has the perfect body and the hard work he puts into keeping it that way is clear for all to see. Viggo always gives 100%. As well as maintaining his divine physique, he keeps working for us as a cameraman and photographer delivering perfect product every time. Today Viggo puts all his assets on display. Let’s admire the perfection!

R***** - 12/29/2021 1:53:49 PM

Viggo is a very sexy, hunky stud with an awesome muscular body; thick cock; fat balls and a gorgeous ass.

K***** - 11/04/2021 6:45:53 AM

Glad he left William Higgins (Ondra Taryk) unusual to bring on a model already in his 30’s.

j******* - 11/01/2021 10:06:29 AM

Viggo is amazing. Would love more scenes with him.

s******* - 10/28/2021 11:30:49 AM

Everything with Viggo deserves 5 stars!

j********** - 10/27/2021 11:22:13 PM

That body was made to enjoy. Watching Viggo enjoy what he does best is hot. Watching him cum is even hotter

J******* - 10/27/2021 9:39:21 AM

Cap, shmap. As long as it is Viggo's glorious face and body, everything else is incidental. I'm not looking at the clothing or the room, I'm looking at the face and body.

2***** - 10/27/2021 7:43:15 AM

Wait, what? he is wearing a cap? I missed that the first time around. I was too busy admiring his absolutely perfect body. He looks good from the front to the back and from the top to the bottom, especially his sexy bottom. I would love to see him in action.

w****** - 10/26/2021 9:52:53 PM

Shame about the awful hat.

t***** - 10/26/2021 6:39:05 PM

Viggo's body looks amazing here, but the cap is just silly and as usual the model's backside and ass are mostly ignored.

b********* - 10/26/2021 5:24:22 PM

Love Viggo with and without the cap. Gorgeous balls, too!

s******** - 10/26/2021 3:41:27 PM


d******* - 10/26/2021 3:15:13 PM

Personally it just was not much as I could care less about his cap an as he has shown it, I know he is far better than this as Viggo has shown it in previous scenes. What is on the cap?? FMDBOY?? (Fuck my dick both of you??)

c***** - 10/26/2021 11:39:31 AM

Love the man hate the poses and photos. I want to see the models face and expressions, I don't understand the looking away and down and covering the face with a cap or hat. wasted opportunity is right with such a long awaited model! You guys are way better than this.

O************** - 10/26/2021 10:52:00 AM

The cap is a turn on for me, 10/10

i****** - 10/26/2021 9:06:04 AM

Great model but the cap is a turn off. A waste of a good opportunity

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