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Valentine’s Day

This year we are releasing two valentine’s day documentaries from South Africa. One contains a rich mix of boys and this one features Helmut and Jerome.

Some of you have expressed a desire that Helmut finds a boyfriend other than Jerome. We’ve relayed your preference to Helmut, but he remains adamant. He will not dump his boyfriend to satisfy the fantasies of some of our customers. Alas, there are times when following your heart leads to poor customer service.

Jerome Exupery
Helmut Huxley
V******** - 12/03/2022 3:56:26 AM

They are so adorable individually and together. Love them both.

F***** - 11/13/2022 5:50:51 AM

The on screen chemistry and bond between Jerome and Helmut is palpable. A romantic bond that follows them to their professional engagements.

y******* - 04/28/2019 3:48:46 AM

Adorable couple. I love everything of them.

t****** - 02/23/2018 6:18:28 PM

Would have preferred to see a new, more interesting couple, regardless of if they’re a real-life couple or not. I like both Helmut and Jerome as individuals, however seeing them together continually has become predictable and stale.

j******* - 02/13/2018 4:26:20 PM

Jerome and Helmut are the best! I’d love to see them bring Sven into a scene with them.

J********** - 02/09/2018 12:16:38 AM

Very sweet to see these sexy men preparing for Valentine's Day! I loved this very much! Thank you, George!

d***** - 02/08/2018 1:57:59 AM

Helmut and Jerome make a great couple. I especially enjoy it when they bring a third to play with them.

n********* - 02/07/2018 3:54:39 PM

Great pictures! What a nice Valentane's day and such sweet guys. Thanks

S********** - 02/07/2018 3:40:56 AM

omg, Omg, OMG -- what a lovely, romantic pair! You both are so lucky.

g******* - 02/07/2018 12:19:11 AM

Beautiful. A lovely pair indeed.

b***** - 02/06/2018 9:13:10 PM

Helmut and Jerome are adorable together!

p******** - 02/06/2018 9:12:58 PM

I love Helmut and Jerome's relationship. Very sweet, fun, and loving. Lovely little video. ***** :)

L*********** - 02/06/2018 2:25:21 PM

Very romantic with a special wonderful harmony between this lovely beauties. It´s very nice that it can also be seen how two hearts beat for each other.

g********* - 02/06/2018 2:23:15 PM

Simply beautiful!

p***** - 02/06/2018 1:13:36 PM

These two are wonderful together. The perfect Valentines. Helmut really should go into the theatre when his days in porn are done.

o****** - 02/06/2018 10:32:21 AM

Funny and delicious greediness! Jerome and Helmut are our adorable essential lovers!

c***** - 02/06/2018 10:18:06 AM

What I like about this, is the very sexy Helmut who never disappoints. A Nice and romantic scene, would have enjoyed more time with them! I have to say that I enjoy Jerome like this!

j****** - 02/06/2018 9:51:55 AM

I found this video very sweet; I do have to say it was disappointingly short. However, it brought love and warmth to me. Helmut and Jerome have a beautiful relationship; I am glad they stand strong to it even when people's input tells them otherwise. What they have is special and I can't believe people complain about their pairing. Can we please have another video of Jerome and Helmut longer than 15 mins?

s******** - 02/06/2018 9:50:38 AM

Helmut & Jerome are a grand fixture at BelAmi as were and maybe still are Kevin&Jack not to mention the first BelAmi power couple, the unforgettable Todd & Dolph, who were the first to take a vacation that at George's expense that they completely sexily sensuously selfied for immortality without injury. Long may they walk together as the standard for boyfriend eroticism and romanticism and total trust in and out of the Pornywood-in-Prague.

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