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Valentin Manoury

Valentin Manoury, a striking Hungarian beauty, makes his first appearance on our website today in this photo gallery. His seductive looks, sensual lips, lean body, and perfectly-shaped cock will simply take your breath away. It seems almost a paradox to look so innocent and yet exude so much sex appeal, yet this is Valentin's superpower, his looks drawing you in. You will want to savor every inch of this youthful beauty.

g******* - 02/11/2024 11:18:07 AM

Great looks, hope we will see much more of him!

M*************** - 02/05/2024 2:05:46 AM

Oh my Valentin is quite the hot young stud and I certainly hope to enjoy the opportunity to see him in action. Very very sexy. While it seemed a minor crisis regarding whether we saw or didn't see his butt hole, I can almost guarantee he has one and we can all get to see it sooner than later. Thats comforting I hope. In fact I'm going to ask right now, HEY COULD YOU PLEASE POST A HUGE FULL SCREEN IMAGE OF VALENTIN'S BUTT HOLE WHILE HE SPREADS HIS CHEEKS AT YOUR EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY THANKS SO MUCH

l********* - 01/19/2024 6:23:22 PM

not good no asshole

M****** - 01/13/2024 8:50:07 PM

Lovely lad but no asshole? Spread those cheeks.

b******* - 01/10/2024 2:10:49 PM


J****** - 01/10/2024 2:01:55 AM

Will we see more of this beautyful dream-boy ????????? Please don't let this prince charming go without shooting lots of action scenes with him. that would be unforgivable

E********** - 01/09/2024 10:37:07 PM

Perfection! Please tell us he's a keeper, not a flirt! Don't let him flee!

t******* - 01/09/2024 7:47:50 PM

Stunning :p

M********* - 01/09/2024 6:34:24 PM

stunning sexy this guy. Moore about him please.

b********* - 01/09/2024 5:59:57 PM

Love this dark-haired young man and his lithe, sinewy body and hope there's a solo video of him soon!

J******** - 01/09/2024 4:44:17 PM

Pic 5 is my pic - glans half freed - I adore his lovely foreskin and love pic 15 "in voller Pracht"

J****** - 01/09/2024 4:01:04 PM

Ce garçon est une merveille!

t*********** - 01/09/2024 2:48:51 PM

Absolutely stunning! I hope Valentin enjoys a long career as a BelAmi star!

J******* - 01/09/2024 9:49:45 AM

I love a cute boy with a perfect little body, smooth skin and no tatts. Gorgeous!

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