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Two faces of Pierre

Since some of you have commented that Pierre Cezanne is too old for BelAmi I would like to offer you some clarification. Pierre came to us through BelAmiChat last year, and at 19 years old already had his beard. We started to film with the beard, but we also asked him to shave it off for us once just to see how it looked. Here you have a few pictures of Pierre both with and without the beard. Share your thoughts about Pierre with us. We can assure you that all his performances are 1st class. PS…. We like him best with the beard.

i***** - 06/14/2018 12:28:49 AM

just watched his video with sergio who is also a beauty, but pierre was just fantastic he doesn't need the beard but is very acceptable either way one excellent performer, thanks belami another great show

m********* - 04/02/2018 4:33:40 AM

No beard, please. It makes him look way older. Please stick with the cute, clean shaven young men with minimal tattoos or piercings. There are plenty of other sites for those seeking hairy tattooed pierced guys, so don't dilute the Belami/Freshmen brand by trying to be all things to all people.

w****** - 03/05/2018 10:39:06 PM

are we ever going to see Pierre again?

C************ - 02/07/2018 8:21:04 PM

He's fantastic- with or without beard, it dosen' matter to me...

a***** - 01/29/2018 4:47:29 AM

Like him without the beard.

l******* - 01/28/2018 9:32:09 PM

This lad is a natural beauty with or without the beard. But "IMHO" I must admit to prefer him without his clothes! Although I find his beard very tasteful, I can't see why he'd ever do anything to conceal any of that beautiful face, especially in the context of this website.

t****** - 01/25/2018 5:45:36 AM

I don’t know why Pierre has been filmed and photographed with the beard. I’ve always thought BA was a competent company. The beard is ghastly and makes Pierre look about 15 years older than he actually is. Pierre looks wayyyyyyy better without the beard, though I’ll be frank, I don’t think he’s all that great without it either. One of the many reasons I’ve appreciated BA/freshmen over the years is because BA has been a sanctuary free from beards, tattoos and other nonsense of the same sort. I hope that doesn’t change and this is a fluke on BA’s part.

F*********** - 01/19/2018 4:48:57 AM

beard oooks great snd a welcome change to the usual

a****** - 01/18/2018 10:21:48 PM

Who the hell would claim this man is too old for Bel Ami or Freshman? Some people in here have some very strange views on age and sexuality. This guy is gorgeous with or without a beard (I prefer him with a beard, honestly). I try to stay out of the comment section because some people are just..weird, but I had to comment myself after reading Pierre's description. I'm completely baffled that anyone would complain about this beautiful man.

w******* - 01/14/2018 10:35:34 PM

i saw him at belamichat ...and i must must say in his presence he is boring with or without beard

j******* - 01/13/2018 7:32:46 PM

I like his looks better with the beard, but I think he fits better into BA without. I wouldn't kick him out of bed either way.

M********* - 01/13/2018 6:05:52 PM

Pierre is a sexy young man with beard or without. I like him more with beard. He is hot, a dream of a kind of romantic angel, but I think, he's getting wild, when he get the right performance-partner. God luck, Pierre!

c****** - 01/13/2018 1:31:31 AM

I like him without the beard, had no interest in him with the beard.

k***** - 01/12/2018 7:28:24 PM

miles better without beard - Please - no beards on Freshmen or BA - there are plenty of sites that cater for that

s******** - 01/12/2018 7:14:08 AM

He's a beautiful boy either way - but clean shaven he's spectacular. Lose the beard. (The beard is too splotchy and uneven).

v******* - 01/11/2018 6:48:18 PM

Pierre is extremely hot! With or without a beard. I would like to see much more of him!

S******* - 01/11/2018 12:09:14 PM

Pierre isn't among my favorite BA newbies, must I admit, - but without that stupid beard he looks definitely much, MUCH better!

j****** - 01/11/2018 11:03:09 AM

Pierre is an outstandingly handsome guy, no matter with or without beard. However I think his beard somehow adds to the beauty of his intense dark sexy eyes. He is the epitomy of masculinity, and I hope we see him many times in hot action, especially as a romantic top. Bring him on!!

n******** - 01/11/2018 3:29:13 AM

There something about that beard that I find soooo sexy

b****** - 01/11/2018 12:06:12 AM

Handsome guy, I prefer him clean shaven.

e****** - 01/10/2018 8:57:51 PM

Generally I don’t like beards at all. There is one thing that differs in the pics except beard or not beard. He has (in my opinion) a rather ugly haircut in the pics where he is clean shaven. So my choice is No beard but with the haircut from the pics where he has a beard. :)

c***** - 01/10/2018 8:37:29 PM

I like him best clean shaven, however, He looks great either way! So its a win, win either way.

R*********** - 01/10/2018 8:23:18 PM

Sexy with and without, but more handsome when bearded

J****** - 01/10/2018 6:44:12 PM

Avec ou sans barbe il serait intéressant de voir une scène avec Pierre....

s******** - 01/10/2018 3:43:26 PM

waterfish2 reflects exactly my thought. lose or keep the beard but lose those annoying clothes.

w********* - 01/10/2018 2:29:07 PM

I prefer him without clothes. Don't really care about the beard.

t******** - 01/10/2018 5:28:12 AM

No beard please!!

C******** - 01/10/2018 3:47:41 AM

Two handsome faces, so I don't see the problem. It has been pointed out that fashions (including facial hair and tattoos) have moved on since the early days of Bel Ami. For those who want that ultimate twinkish look (so without beard), I am sure Freshmen will satisfy them. The bearded face can go on Bel Ami, and that's where I will be. That is, as long as the sexual energy is really good. That's why I really like Kevin, Sven, Adam, André, Kieran, Helmut, Jerome and so many of those really sexy guys (and Ariel with and without beard)!

m********* - 01/10/2018 1:47:08 AM

Conventional without beard....smouldering and added extra or what!!!

a******** - 01/10/2018 1:09:39 AM

he looks very handsome with and without but he looks sexier and more sophisticated with the beard good-looking none the less . I am usually not one for beards unless they are very well groomed and his is so I like it. I would love to date him for sure.....

L*********** - 01/10/2018 12:05:01 AM

For me Pierre looks much better without beard - but of course that´s the same like almost: A question of personal taste.

s******** - 01/09/2018 10:54:07 PM

facial hair, according to sociological sexual studies of Dr. Kinsey, usually indicates a person with something to hide and with trustworthiness issues...but being a BelAmi model means that one chooses to exhibit one's body in a raw sensuously scintillating manner...but there seem to be 2 very different guys perhaps you could film a scene with him picking up the same guy with beard and without beard - what a cool scene that would be..could Luke manage this feat of camera-magic?

J****** - 01/09/2018 10:02:25 PM

I'd like to see more of him in action with the other guys, and I prefer it without beard.

R********* - 01/09/2018 9:20:52 PM

I saw today his solo with beard on BA:it was unique;what a super sexy boy.His beard is a great surplus.And that abundant beautiful body hair:a dream,it likes silky

b***** - 01/09/2018 8:39:40 PM

the beard works for me.

a******** - 01/09/2018 8:31:55 PM

I prefer him with beard! But he is handsome anyway!!!!

g******* - 01/09/2018 8:30:43 PM

Just want to see him fucking. He's a great looking guy and I don't mid the beard at all.

p******** - 01/09/2018 8:16:07 PM

Handsome with or without, but I do prefer Pierre without the beard.

f****** - 01/09/2018 7:52:42 PM

NO BEARD HERE PLEASE. For Beards go to MEN.COM or Falcon or any one of a hundred studios like that. PLEASE don't change BelAmi!!!!

S******* - 01/09/2018 7:43:43 PM

Hot I want to see him in action with or without the beard!

a********* - 01/09/2018 7:14:52 PM

With or without Pierre is a very sexy and attractive model. I like his masculinity. I usually don't like beards but I thinck that he wears it very well. Just keep him, please.

I*************** - 01/09/2018 7:14:47 PM

I'm all with you, "baptists"! And yes, I too prefer him with beard. At my gym, most young guys nowadays has beard. It's just the way things are now.

a******** - 01/09/2018 6:47:19 PM

no beard. please!

b******* - 01/09/2018 6:45:26 PM

I don't understand the strong feelings about this guy's beard : one of the most beautiful young men I know is bearded. If members don't like a model, they don't have to watch his scenes. I have never liked one of the Kinky Angels but have never said so or named him because I recognise that mine was very much a minority opinion. Bel Ami isn't going to collapse if this guy appears. What's the problem?.

m***** - 01/09/2018 6:08:51 PM

with: sexy, without: cute

a********* - 01/09/2018 5:57:43 PM

Clean shaven is my definite preference. Beards are not compatible with the "Bel Ami Image".

r***** - 01/09/2018 4:29:54 PM

I prefer him bearded, but of course he is very attractive with and without beard. Too old looking? Nonsense! The right balance between innocence and masculinity! I can't wait to watch him in action. Pair him bearded with a boish guy and shaved with a (bearded) mussleman! Variatio delectat!

s******* - 01/09/2018 11:30:20 AM

Beard! Definitely!

m******* - 01/09/2018 10:59:14 AM

With or withaut beard Pierre is a great beaut, withaut is more young and handsome

o****** - 01/09/2018 10:36:45 AM

I liked Pierre the first time I saw him with beard! But nice guy with and without! More masculine with, younger without... Like photo 7 on which he appears very natural. And now what with him?

b***** - 01/09/2018 10:34:21 AM

Pierre doesn't appeal to me very much, without the beard he appeals to me even less.

v********* - 01/09/2018 10:23:44 AM

I love Pierre either way. That said he is a man that looks amazing with the beard. Some men wear beards well & others don't. He sure does. I hope we see many scenes with him. I think his dark look matched with Sven would be outstanding.

N******** - 01/09/2018 10:11:52 AM

A beard doesn't suit every guy but it really suits Pierre - such a masculine, handsome look. Will be very excited to see him in action.

w******* - 01/09/2018 10:10:06 AM

Not a fan of the beard. Bearded guys have their place, but Bel Ami and Freshmen aren't it.

a****** - 01/09/2018 10:04:44 AM

Especially handsome and gorgeous WITH the beard!

D******* - 01/09/2018 9:53:43 AM

Pierre looks amazing with and without the beard.

m******** - 01/09/2018 9:49:56 AM

Pierre is an absolute HUNK! Wow so sexy and handsome, I cant wait to see him in action. Love the beard. He's just HOT HOT HOT!!!! Absolute top tier of newer models. Than you for finding him

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