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Tony Zuko

In a short interview, Tony Zuko faces a few questions from GD and we also get to hear how GD first discovered Tony. Tony then moves to another room and undresses. It's always a pleasure to watch him play with his impressively large cock. After he has shot a nice load over his body, he allows us to peak into the shower as he washes it all off.

Tony Zuko
R***** - 05/30/2023 9:37:40 PM

I love gorgeous, sexy Tony; with his hot body; sexy face; suckable nipples; huge cock & fat balls. I'd love to kiss lick and suck every inch of this sexy stud.

m******* - 05/25/2023 4:04:43 AM

OMG this newcomer at Freshman is amazing hot. Like Tony Zuko, good looking guy, who has a body every man could dream off. His smooth body, perky and sensitive nipples and of course his huge uncut banana dick and balls are massive and so amazing hot. Tony Zuko really like playing with his nipples and stroking his huge uncut cock and balls and in the end he shoots his big cumload Tony Zuko becomes my favorite man at Freshman. Cannot wait to see him soon back on stage in a new man to man encounter with other hot Freshmen.

a****** - 05/23/2023 10:55:52 AM

Love Tony and LOVE his beautiful nine inch cock!

s******** - 05/22/2023 12:21:33 AM


d******* - 05/17/2023 2:14:40 PM

Tony very nice looking but one nice feature is I did not find fault like some others did if you do not like it keep your remarks in your brain!!

e****** - 05/17/2023 11:31:47 AM

This was rather strange. A extremely short interview with very limited info about the model. And why recruite a 24 yo guy who not is good looking or has a good body. I know guys that are 35 yo that are extremely hot. And of course a 24 yo guy is a very young person. I am not familiar with his earlier work in porn. Lastly -Mr Duroy is a very good at doing interviews. His sense of humour and ability to get the models to feel at ease are two good things. But this interview was rather odd.

g******* - 05/17/2023 6:09:44 AM

Sexy man - stick to it Tony!

s******** - 05/17/2023 12:43:55 AM

Not really a turn on for me, except his dick, that in mi mind is about 21 cms.

k********* - 05/16/2023 7:51:00 PM

Love him so much for so long time ! he is very handsome and cute ! go on with Tony and others boys !!

g******* - 05/16/2023 7:04:34 PM

I liked the story of how George saw his dick before he met him. I like his dick.

l********** - 05/16/2023 2:33:36 PM

I find this man unattractive. He is way outdated to be in "freshmen", as he admits himself in the interiew, he is at least 10 years in this busines. No facial maintainance, no proper shaving, hideous haircut. But the topping is that screaming lipstick in his face. Tragic.

r*********** - 05/16/2023 11:03:17 AM

I have a lot of time for this really sweet guy - I long to have his cock offloading cum into my ass after a really energetic fuck.

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