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Tony Sogliuzo

Tony Sogliuzo, a popular model from our BelAmiChat platform, is with us today to shoot a new scintillating photoset. Tony comes from Slovakia and started working for us last October. Even though we are yet to convince him to go further and start filming, his undeniable beauty just has to be captured.

l********** - 07/06/2023 8:07:00 PM

I don't see his potential yet, open for surprises.

b********* - 07/04/2023 9:39:31 PM

I think he is incredibly cute, but as many others have commented, he needs to let his body hair grow in and remain natural. The contrast between his lovely, furry ass and the mangled mess of pubic hair stubble left by the razor is the most egregious of errors in my book. On the bright side, I love his puppy dog eyes. But I wonder why we have photos of a cumshot but no video?!

J******* - 07/04/2023 8:39:39 PM

VERY recently shaved chest and upper abdomen, less recently shaved underarms and pubes, and intact "treasure trail". He needs to make up his mind whether to shave or not to shave.

t*********** - 07/04/2023 8:15:50 PM

Tony is very cute, and love those puppy dog eyes in the first couple of photos. He had a hint of a delightful smile in #3, but then had a bored, sullen expression through the rest of the set. (But the images of his behind were terrific.) I don't mind the tattoo, but the shaved crotch definitely deserves demerits. I'd love to see more of Tony if he'd let his pubic hair grow a bit and after some of the other guys have some fun putting a smile on his face.

r*********** - 07/04/2023 6:14:15 PM

That shaved cockhair is SO annoying. What a mess. He's so average like that. Pity.

w********* - 07/04/2023 3:04:17 PM

I think he's very handsome. I like him a lot!

P****** - 07/04/2023 2:13:20 PM

Nothing special, and why say someone is on Chat when there's no sign of him on Chat?

r***** - 07/04/2023 1:04:00 PM

A great boy with the usual problem that detracts (shaved crotch - I will never ever understand why they do it)

B********* - 07/04/2023 10:38:47 AM

He could easily get 5 stars if he wasn't shaved and tattooed.

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