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Tony Gold

We first met Tony Gold more than a year ago when he made his debut appearance on the website. The photo set was very popular so we are happy to bring you this follow-up video. Tony has a nice juicy cock which quickly gets hard. He strokes his impressive manhood and lets us enjoy it from several angles. Tony really is a gem and after his creamy cumshot we follow him to the shower where we are able to admire his beautiful body once again.

Tony Gold
C***** - 02/15/2024 5:37:32 PM


g******* - 02/10/2024 11:06:55 AM

Cute face, great body. I don' mind the ink. Please convince him to get involved in some boy-to-boy action!

M****** - 01/20/2024 3:47:24 AM

I liked the setup here of a briefs-clad sleeping boy awakening and exploring his own body. This boy is gorgeous. You gave us a brief but explicit look at his asshole -- thanks, but more, please. When I see a model like this, I imagine how exciting it would be to rim him. You can support that fantasy with more asshole-focused shots and activity. Kudoes to you, BTW, for including more explicit asshole display in your posts. Others have commented about his work at other sites -- I'd like details. I'd enjoy watching him fuck women until he comes to his senses and starts to fuck other men.

c***** - 01/16/2024 2:21:02 AM

Tony Has a very handsome face and nice lean trim body, very appealing!

z********* - 01/14/2024 5:32:44 AM

Wow...Tommy of the best in the porn world!!! Really nice boy!!!

u***** - 01/02/2024 7:14:06 PM

Each to his own: tattoos? No, I don't like them, and I don't like a shaved pubis, but I'm still interested in how well the model portrays his sexuality. I've seen many solos on this site. Top of the list for me is still Timothy Blue. Such a shame BA couldn't hold on to him. Sure would like to know the full story behind that.

n******** - 12/20/2023 8:18:26 AM

Wow! Tony's quite the stunner! Gorgeous body and that dick and ass - so hot! And there is nothing wrong with tattoos -get over it folks.

t********* - 12/15/2023 4:15:05 AM

HATE those tattoos!! Tony has a decent physique (although I was disappointed his cumshot didn’t fly farther) but this is a great example of how ink can totally fuck up a body, tragically.

b******** - 12/13/2023 11:02:15 PM

This has to be the sexiest solo I have ever seen on Bel Ami (Freshment)!! Tony knows just how to look into the camera while he plays with his body. EXCELLENT cinematography. Must have been an import photographer. His beautiful face ALONE is worth the watch; but when he slowly brings out his large well shaped cock it is breath taking. His orgasm as a lead up to his cum shot seemed very genuine, also. Doubt he'll be back though. Too bad...

v******* - 12/13/2023 3:29:07 PM

Just great! I love shaved pubes ::P

k********* - 12/13/2023 6:33:34 AM

He is very cute with his thick cock and nice big low hanging balls ! but he is a famous straight porn star too !!

w****** - 12/12/2023 10:50:36 PM

Lovely face and lovely sexy body, I just wish he had some pubic hair. He looked very alluring lying asleep but does he fart in bed?

b********* - 12/12/2023 9:15:35 PM

Tony is a gem, indeed. Thanks for bringing him here! Among other assets, his cock & balls are amazing. : )

b****** - 12/12/2023 9:09:12 PM

Indeed, he's a beautiful boy. 'Tommy' Gold has been around the porn industry for a few years, mostly working as a straight model for several eastern European studios. Along the way, he discovered there's alot more $$$ to be made making content for gay men. I hope he continues entertaining us, but I doubt we'll ever see him with another boy. I hope BelAmi can help him, break that barrier.

M********* - 12/12/2023 7:10:35 PM

Yes, he is beautyful and sexy and he knows, how to play with the eyes of the customer. I like his play in his underware, when you have a look at his wonderful dickhead.

V******** - 12/12/2023 1:57:36 PM

I really hope we get to see more of Tony. He's very handsome. Please don't let him be another who comes in only for a solo then disappears.

t****** - 12/12/2023 1:51:47 PM

Tommy Gold has done the rounds at other websites

J******* - 12/12/2023 1:50:35 PM

Pretty boy, nasty ink, no thanks.

P****** - 12/12/2023 1:35:22 PM

Good comment, josef0001. He's stunning.

J******** - 12/12/2023 12:14:19 PM

Not only his name is "gold"

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