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Tony Gold

We’d like to introduce the perfect face, body, dick and ass of Tony Gold. This stunning young man walked through our doors at the end of the last year and we are happy we were able to capture his superb body at his very best. We know that many of you are not big fans of tattoos but when you look into his blue eyes, it is easy to ignore any ‘imperfections’. We hope you’ll enjoy this photo set where Tony’s thick dick is the main attraction.

m********* - 05/11/2023 2:49:10 AM

Tony has been on a few other sights doing only solos. He must be one of people addicted to tattoos because each time I see him he has more. Most seem random and detract from his beauty.

R***** - 03/12/2023 7:22:52 PM

Tony is very sexy & fuckable. I love his shaved, thick cock & fat balls.

j********* - 08/04/2022 2:20:17 AM

Nice, slim body ruined by all that ink. What a pity!

d******* - 07/08/2022 12:24:44 AM

Tony with lovely body so slim and trim.

c*********** - 06/20/2022 8:02:11 AM

Most here do not know that Tony is Tommy Gold is Straight porn and I doubt that he will appear in man to man action soon.

p*********** - 06/19/2022 1:04:51 AM

Tony has a perfect ass to rim

M********* - 06/17/2022 11:37:32 PM

Wow, very cute and sexy boy and he know to present his lean body. Normaly I like young men with body hair, but this is exactly the type of man looks good without any hair. hot like hell!

k************ - 06/16/2022 5:59:25 PM

This is a gorgeous guy! He has a beautiful pussy! I hope we get to see him getting fucked soon!

d***** - 06/15/2022 9:51:20 PM

Too much beauty to see any tatts. Definitely want to see that boy in action, both top and bottom. He must be bi if he's done hetero and is here for gay sex. Envy anyone who's had him.

G******* - 06/15/2022 5:07:24 PM

Great, looking forward to him using that thick dick and maybe Jack or Peter plowing that tiny ass! Hope he's good at fucking!

m********** - 06/15/2022 12:09:37 PM

What a peach of a young man. Please may we see him in action. Looks a perfect bottom boy to me.

M********** - 06/15/2022 3:56:09 AM

How tall is Tony?

J****** - 06/15/2022 2:47:58 AM

Tony is a wonderful young guy with an absoluteley perfect body and face. I know him as a model for straight porn so I'm surprised to see him here. I am very curious if he is ready for some action-scenes with the boys from BelAmi. He would be a perfect addition for your team.

M****** - 06/15/2022 2:06:43 AM

Nice. And thanks for the butt shots.

d****** - 06/14/2022 10:34:19 PM

Tony is beautiful and apparently aware of it. gladly more, no much more with him.

s******** - 06/14/2022 9:24:14 PM

Stunning, in fact. Throw him to bed immediately so he can fuck like a rabbit with some of our other beauties. Quickly, please

b********* - 06/14/2022 8:49:17 PM

Tony has many assets, and perhaps the tattoos won't be as prominent if he grows out his natural body hair. : )

W****** - 06/14/2022 8:09:24 PM

Simply gorgeous. I hope there’s a video to go with this.

J****** - 06/14/2022 7:59:20 PM

Tout simplement magnifique, je vais essayer de faire abstraction des tatouages du beau Tony Gold.

E***** - 06/14/2022 7:44:43 PM


A******** - 06/14/2022 6:41:14 PM

Wow! Extremely cute and hot❤️ Hope to see a lot of cum in his beautifull face very soon.

B***** - 06/14/2022 3:54:09 PM

What a beautiful young man! Hope to see more of him.

P****** - 06/14/2022 2:26:19 PM

The tattoos are not things I'd rather see, but not nearly as bad as TWO chat models I can think of who got disfiguring tattoos on their NECKS! As for Tony, he's just great - a handsome, compact, muscular golden little package. How about some video?

J******** - 06/14/2022 2:19:35 PM

A goldie to die for - but only to be more alive and alert after dying for him :)

c***** - 06/14/2022 12:07:28 PM

Tony is so damn good looking, thank you for bringing us this photoshoot, I hope their is more of the photos and some scenes in the works.

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