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Tommy Clapton Tim Moffie

Tim Moffie is expecting a visit from a new foreign boy and isn’t sure how they are going to communicate. Surprisingly for Tim, our newcomer Tommy Clapton speaks perfect Czech so we find out a little more about this „mysterious “ stranger. Tommy hails from Russia but studies medicine in Prague and has lived here for quite some time. After a quick chat, they both understand that words are not going to be their main way of communicating. Their mutual attraction and excitement speed things up and soon Tim is worshipping his partner's hard cock and rimming his ass. Tommy offers his butt to Tim to penetrate and slowly they work their way towards a volcanic climax and Tommy's hole covered in cum.

Tim Moffie
Tommy Clapton
p********** - 06/22/2023 9:44:27 PM

Want more of Tommy taking it! Adore him. Imagine him with Jack Harrer or another of the really big boys!

j********* - 03/17/2023 1:29:53 AM

Ah! Our little Timmy is all grown-up. Both boys are .gorgeous. This is what Freshmen should always be about. *****

D******* - 03/13/2023 1:17:02 PM

Tim is the handsome stud and Tommy is the cutie who Tim desires. I loved every second of it.

b******** - 02/07/2023 7:25:47 PM

I hope we see more of Tommy, he's gorgeous

d********* - 02/05/2023 11:07:26 AM

I nearly didn’t watch this but wow wow wow Tommy is 😍😍 & his cumshot awesome ❤️

c******* - 02/02/2023 6:28:28 PM

Tommy is fucking cute and handsome... Do he will also fuck Tim ?

p***** - 02/02/2023 11:55:27 AM

Nice scene. Both boys are avid kissers and Tim's facial expressions throughout are beguiling. This can't be Tommy's first rodeo and his cum shot was a thing of beauty.

J******** - 02/01/2023 7:14:19 AM

Ich mag ab 4:37 den Lichteinfall auf das pralle Säckchen und den steifen Schwanz und bei 5:12 wie er das Säckchen küsst und nach oben leckt - so geil!

g******* - 01/31/2023 11:11:43 PM

Tim is cute and sexy and loves gay sex. Tommy is so lucky moving to Prague where he can enjoy the hot Czech boys without fear of reprisal. He sue knows his way around a guy's body. Great orgasm spilling from that amazing cock head.

R***** - 01/31/2023 8:32:49 PM

Tim looks so cute & sexy in his tight, sleeveless top and skimpy shorts; before helping strip sexy Tommy naked. I love to see Tim kissing, licking & sucking every inch of Tommy's tasty cock & balls; before spreading his butt cheeks and hungrily eating out his smooth asshole; making Tommy smile with delight. Tim certainly got Tommy's tight ass ready for his stiff dick and to be fucked. As Tommy then sucked Tim's stiff cock; I loved the view of Tommy's gorgeous ass; with his balls hanging between his smooth thighs and his stiff dick jutting forward. A fantastic, powerful cumshot from Tommy; as he sprayed his cum all over himself; whilst being fucked. As Tim pulled out his cock; I love the sight & sound of Tommy's silky smooth ass lips closing' before Tim shot his load. I wish I could lick up every tasty drop of Tim's thick, creamy cum from his freshly fucked ass.

w****** - 01/31/2023 6:29:16 PM

It is a shame that Tim has lost his lovely curls but I loved those shorts and T-shirt. It strikes me that it is a good idea to have a medical student on board to patch up the boys in the event of future mishaps. Lots of love to both.

n***** - 01/31/2023 4:04:30 PM

Perhaps the guys could do some breeding as did BA models from years ago. They were very hot scenes.

l********** - 01/31/2023 3:29:11 PM

Freshmen lacks of freshness lately. Serving us warmed up conserved stuff from yesteryear. Since you bring him on so often lately, let me ask: How old is "Moffie" really? 28? 30? He stands for the general problem of "fm", he is bolding and definetly grew out of his role as the happy naive blond sweetpie. In my opinion freshmen is outdated and needs an overhaul.

O******* - 01/31/2023 1:36:19 PM

Tim and Tommy cumshot is perfect

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