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Tommy Clapton & Lorenzo Ricci

Tommy Clapton returns to the screen today for his third hardcore action scene. As he has only previously bottomed, we thought it would be nice to show you his skills as a top as well. After waking up next to Lorenzo Ricci, Tommy jumps into the shower where Lorenzo joins him soon after. Tommy’s soft touches arouse Lorenzo and their morning shower soon gets very steamy. Lorenzo lets Tommy suck his hard dick and rim his butt before they move to the living room where Lorenzo sits on Tommy’s hard dick and rides it. After switching positions, Tommy cums over Lorenzo’s butt and then brings him off in his mouth.

Lorenzo Ricci
Tommy Clapton
M****** - 01/04/2024 4:26:59 AM

I like scenes that start in the shower and then move to a more comfortable location. I have a crush on Tommy and was pleased to see him on top. He's becoming more comfortable on camera and I predict will become even more powerful a performer with practice and experience. I'm reminded of Jamie Durrell, a model who at first seemed to lack much talent but evolved to be one of my favorites. A nice detail -- Tommy's keeping his eyes open much more than in earlier scenes.

M********* - 09/22/2023 7:54:48 PM

Amazing, Foreplay, shower-szene and horny sex: I like it so much, when this guys getting hotter and hotter until they falling in climax. Tommy's orgasm the best ever.

d******* - 05/10/2023 9:19:30 AM

Tommy really fucked Lorenzo good and then sucked his nice cock too. That is what Lorenzo asked for and Tommy gave him in return. Both young men very playful. 😎😎😎😎

g******* - 05/10/2023 1:59:50 AM

This two hot boys seemed really into each other.

J****** - 05/09/2023 6:25:06 PM

Superbe scène avec deux garçons super sexy. Je ne me lasse pas de regarder la belle fourrure de Lorenzo une merveille!

g******* - 05/09/2023 5:50:34 PM

Both guys are cute. I like scenes that start off in the shower. Very sensual

a***** - 05/09/2023 4:10:50 PM


r*********** - 05/09/2023 10:15:07 AM

I love that Lorenzo has lots of hair in all the right places (except that he's shaved around the hole that really matters.) Gorgeous shower scene.

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