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Tom, Virgil & Clint Newman part 2

Virgil Avedon has proved his bottoming skills in a scene with „wild animal“ Tom Houston. In this second part, we challenge him again by inviting another boy into the mix, the sexy Clint Newman. The energy produced by these three is simply electrifying and it is clear that they are all reveling in the hardcore action. Tom and Clint take turns in fucking Virgil’s ass until they all reach intense climaxes. It is hard to believe this scene was only the second filmed by Clint and Virgil.

Tom Houston
Clint Newman
Virgil Avedon
M****** - 01/20/2024 3:33:56 AM

Clint fucks hard and deep. Yes, please. So many BA models only use half their cocks when fucking.

M*************** - 12/19/2023 2:50:13 AM

I've had to delete my earlier comment to express my disappointment In the particular malicious comments I read about Virgil from several members. There are many who find this model very beautiful and quite exciting in his lovemaking. He has a larger build than many , but what is wrong with that. He would be considered very normal in America where I would say the majority of members subscribe from and very desirable. Any popular site over here would be over the moon to have such a sexy well built hunk like Virgil an I'm certain he would be quickly a star. The maliciousness of some of the comments is traumatic for me personally to read. It brings me back to the very difficult times so many of us went through when we were younger and simply unacceptable to treat one of our own this way. Please stop and move on. There are many models to choose from. Show some grace for heavens sake.

g******* - 12/15/2023 11:36:23 PM

Comment from me as before. Give Virgil some leeway!

b********* - 12/12/2023 9:11:44 PM

Great to see Clint again and hope there's more with him to come.

M********* - 12/12/2023 7:36:22 PM

Fucking hot treesome, hopfully not to wild for Virgil's butt. And what a cumfest, wonderful. Guys I love you!

t****** - 12/12/2023 1:49:38 PM

Wow! Tom came like a champ here..

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