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Tom Rogers & Jim Durden

Your mother warned you to stay away from the bad boys. But what can you do when the bad boys are the best fucks? Tom and Jim both fall into the “bad boy” category. We find them the day after Tom got into an altercation at a club the previous night. Fortunately, Tom is the evident winner of this scuffle as his injuries seem to be limited to a slightly bruised cheek and a sexy, husky voice. The boosted testosterone makes him eager for another, more pleasure-oriented conquest and his “opponent” is Jim whom he engages in a wrestling match to see who bottoms. Once again, Tom is the victor and Jim must plead for his turn to be on top. Fortunately, Tom is magnanimous in victory. Even bad boys like good fucks.

Jim Durden
Tom Rogers
G********* - 05/31/2024 10:07:14 PM

More incompetent, barely-amateur-quality videography by Bel Ami. At least we see Tom's face during his orgasm. But he's fairly unattractive by Bel Ami's high beauty standards and the picture is OUT OF FOCUS during his orgasm! And YET AGAIN Jim's face is mostly out of frame during his orgasm. We don't even get a decent steady view of his cumshot for chrissakes! The camera jumps around abruptly all over the place. What kind of idiots do they have filming these scenes? And why do they almost always hide the top guy's face during orgasm? Do you really think we want to see headless torsos and disembodied cocks ejaculating? Orgasm happens in the brain and the face is the window! If you deny us a view of the face, you're denying us any real view of the orgasm! You used to know this! Many of your older classics showed faces during orgasm! Somehow this has been forgotten.

w****** - 01/10/2021 9:16:54 PM

Don't know how I have managed to miss this till now. I love them both and they put on a great show here. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

h********* - 08/13/2020 6:20:17 PM

Way hot! Two sexy young men who clearly love cock and other men. Tom is amazing. His furry legs and butt are so sexy, and that hungry hole is clearly used to being fucked.

d******* - 05/12/2020 5:54:57 AM

Tom and Jim wrestle then show their love for each other.

m****** - 12/10/2019 11:20:11 AM

Love the wrestling moment! Are there any more scenes that include a bit of wrestling/rough and tumble?

D************* - 11/01/2019 12:54:41 AM

Jim Durden was at his best. Jim Durden is the best! I especially like the cute smiles he gave all during his performance. I fell deeper in love with Jim. Whenever I get depressed, I think of Jim and I immediately become happy again. It is so nice to know Jim Durden exists in this world!

P****** - 05/16/2019 3:35:07 PM

All too often I like one of the guys more than the other; here you've two of the hottest evenly paired. The little wrestling match at the start is as enticing as the fucking, but that's "topped" by the chance to see those pretty naked bodies.

B********* - 05/03/2019 6:14:32 AM

You can't believe how bad I want to fuck Tom Rogers. That opening shot down his body already had me hard. Just look at that smooth, flawless skin without any sign of shaving. His skin is like polished marble all the way around to the slightly parted lips of his wet, waiting hole. It’s ready to be fucked anytime, anywhere. And has been since his early teens, I'll bet. A hole that stays always open like that doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of dildo play and big-dick pounding. His upturned cock is mostly for jacking. His pulsing hole is his primary sex organ. Just look at his fiery face as Jim fucks it ever faster after Tom cums! His hole wants more! That’s why he stays rock-hard till Jim finally fires these cum hole (CH) shots right into Tom’s tunnel! (Some of these over-shoulder shots are taken from a crane.) Too bad there are no fuck hole (FH) shots of the huge hole Jim’s cock leaves behind.

b****** - 04/29/2019 12:15:18 PM

Both are well into each other and their fucking shows it

V************ - 02/04/2019 3:51:30 PM

All around good scene. Great ass eating and filming of the same. Good kissing style as well. The filming was not quite as good in the fucking section but still decent. Loved the full ass views of Jim fucking Tom shot from a distance instead of just close up under. These two models have changed quite a bit from their profile pics. The hairstyles also accentuate that. In fact they have changed so much I probably wouldn't recognize them now just from their profile pics.

S****** - 02/02/2019 9:23:32 PM

Wow, Tom is a trooper to take a fucking like that, even after cumming - I think he was close to cumming a second time as Jim continued to pound his hole after he spurted his load. Too bad Jim couldn't shoot a little bit later - I think we would have seen Tom spurt again. Hot fuck scene.

A********** - 02/02/2019 7:12:57 PM

1 million stars to Tom Rogers.... just perfect for me.

J********** - 01/31/2019 1:48:32 PM

Jim is a dream come true! Such a sexy man!!!

g******* - 01/30/2019 11:34:56 PM

Just amazing. Two young hunks who love cock. What could be better and how well expressed in this scene. The affection at the end was beautiful as they revelled in each other's spunk. The shots of Jim's fabulous ass as he fucked were mind-blowing.

s******** - 01/30/2019 7:46:30 AM

now that was a damnably SuperCute ending with a romantic mutual confession of satisfaction at the release of volcanic love.

l************* - 01/29/2019 7:27:46 PM

Always love Tom (and Jim) in any scene!!

N******** - 01/29/2019 3:47:10 PM

Excellent. Jim's skin "problem" is trivial and of absolutely no consequence.

L*********** - 01/29/2019 1:57:09 PM

Even if Jim is one of the best bottom for my taste, here he convinces also great as a top. The action captivates with wild dynamics and this video indeed shows "scorching sex" like "otrebor" it said perfectely already. Also as far as the two guys I agree with "otrebor" completely, especially I love his comment about Jim " . . . nevermind, he´s so sexy . . .". All stars for this video highlight.

o****** - 01/29/2019 9:53:09 AM

Scorching sex! This pair is so greedily sexual! Lucky both! Tom's body is magnificent! Love all, gorgeous chest, vigorous dick, beautiful solid thighs and inviting ass! Thought a moment he could come twice! Sorry for skin problem of Jim, hope he find a solution. But nevermind, he is so sexy, powerful and first class top!!!

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