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Tom Houston & Virgil Avedon part 1

Virgil Avedon isn't really a newcomer since he made his first appearance on this site back in January this year. Although you may think you know him pretty well by now, you are going to learn a whole lot more about him as we reveal his first hardcore video for us where he is partnered by Tom Houston. We have been keeping this piece for a while in our archive but we believe it's time you saw how Virgil's time with us began. This shy boy from Siberia is a natural sexual talent which is clear to see as he bottoms for Tom in this first part.

Tom Houston
Virgil Avedon
C***** - 02/15/2024 5:28:58 PM

Hot hot

M*************** - 12/19/2023 2:38:26 AM

Personally I find Virgil to be an outstanding addition to the BA family and I'm thrilled he's part of the group. Not only very handsome, but sexy and his build is strong and tall, very similar to a hot and desirable American. And I dare say that he would be received quite differently here and be very quickly a star. I know these comments don't even touch the surface when it comes to the total off subscribers to this site. I certainly hope so as we can agree to disagree and we all have our preferences, but I am saddened when I read malicious comments that bring me back to how I was bullied as a young man, such trauma that many off us can relate to. Can we stop this as it's very upsetting and there are certainly many other models to choose from on this site. Were talking about one of our own gentlemen, please have some grace.

r********* - 12/17/2023 7:37:18 PM

E le foto continuano a non essere visibili........... A qualcuno di voi interssa?

g******* - 12/15/2023 11:17:07 PM

Virgil moved from an oppressive country where as a gay guy he found it very rough going. Give him a break!

M********* - 12/12/2023 7:27:30 PM

What a nice pairing of two of the sexiest guys showing amazing hot sex. Thank you guys, hope to see much moore of you both. The only thing I missing is Virgil's beautyful bush over his genitals.

a***** - 12/12/2023 7:04:21 PM

So this is how Virgil began, right? Can't wait to watch it, and I hope you will always give us this kinda highlight!

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