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Tom Houston & Nikk Lanier part 2

Tom Houston and Nikk Lanier are both hugely sexually active and it is no secret they both love to cum multiple times a day. After the first round when Tom delivered his ass to Nikk, the sexual tension remains and the boys are soon ready for round two. Tom sucks Nikk's cock, licks his balls and rims his ass. Before sliding his dick inside Nikk, Tom fucks his buddy’s mouth as well. Nikk enjoys every inch of Tom’s perfect dick and cums while being fucked from behind. Tom ends today’s session by rewarding his partner's ass with a nice creamy load.

Tom Houston
Nikk Lanier
G********* - 06/13/2024 2:13:33 AM

Where's Nikk's face during the start of his orgasm?! You usually at least show the bottom's face when he comes! If you don't show the guy's FACE when he comes then we can't actually SEE the orgasm, which happens in the brain so the face is the window! Please figure this out and hire a competent videographer!

C************ - 04/26/2023 9:55:33 AM

Nikk is great. Who would not like to fuck this beauty? Lucky Tom!

g******* - 04/22/2023 1:43:18 AM

Lovely. They are lovely guys. This would have been a good breeding opportunity for Tom.

d***** - 04/21/2023 11:15:42 PM

Wow! Now that was a scene to remember. Nikk is a fantastic bottom and Tom a worthy top to his partner. I would love to see a scene where these two just embrace and kiss each other for several minutes before getting down to the hardcore stuff. Good job guys.

d******* - 04/18/2023 1:26:26 PM

In part 2 Tom really gives Nikk a nice massage and fucks him too. 😎😎😎😎

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