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Tom Houston & Kristian Bresson

One sleepy morning in Croatia turns out to be more interesting than expected, at least for sexy Kristian Bresson who has decided to prepare breakfast for his travel buddies. Tom Houston wakes up with morning wood (as he does every day in his life ) and after finding Kristian half-naked in the kitchen has no choice but to start seducing him. There is no foreplay or rimming, Kristian simply offers his hole to Tom who happily slides his hard cock right in. The kitchen allows the pair to try multiple positions and for Kristian to enjoy every inch of his friend’s cock. After cumming over his own stomach, Kristian blows his friend until Tom cums right into his mouth.

Kristian Bresson
Tom Houston
G********* - 06/13/2024 12:42:05 AM

Um, MidtownJalisco61 (1/9/2024), Kristian is NOT Giulio Pasolini (quite obvious from photos). The problem with this video is CONSTANT audio interference. The camera mic is constantly bumping or rubbing on something, causing an incessant rattling sound. VERY annoying! Perhaps your camera operators could figure out how not to do this? Seems like Basic Videography 101, guys!!! Beyond that, I am glad the camera man at least showed Kristian's face when he comes (his face is cut out of frame in almost all his other videos on FM or BA). But Tom's face is not seen during orgasm! WTF!

M*************** - 01/09/2024 3:38:52 PM

I have a comment and question. Kristian had his debut scene with Eluan followed by this scene with Tom on the Freshmen scene. Without question one of the most beautiful young men ever at BA. However is it indeed correct that he moved to the main site and not only did you change his name to Giulio Pasolini but you robbed him of his signature luxuriant hair and I cant recognize him. He looks totally different. Is everything I'm stating true and why the secrecy. Sad

M****** - 01/03/2024 3:15:00 AM

I really like the change from 'the formula" by having Tom start fucking Kristian almost immediately, dispensing with the usual foreplay and oral servicing (or delaying it). I would like to have seen gorgeous Kristian's face more throughout the encounter. He's stunning.

C***** - 11/24/2023 10:34:57 AM


S****** - 03/31/2023 8:05:17 AM

A 4-way with Kristian, Giulio Pasolini, Derrick Caravaggio, and Bart Cuban would be a blockbuster HEAVEN scene that would explode the internet....

g******* - 03/19/2023 12:31:34 PM

More of Kristian, please! I also really like Tom, but in this scene he seems somewhat ... uninvolved.

g******* - 03/17/2023 4:46:00 AM

Tom is high on my list of BA crushes and I think I need to add Kristian. Great they did not rush to the shower!

H***** - 03/16/2023 4:54:03 PM

To much hair, to little buttholes. Bad camerajob.

f******** - 03/16/2023 12:44:22 AM

Oh, dear. Not by a good photographer or director or editor. The kitchen table and kitchen counter and bookcase kept tilting up and down, back and forth, as if we were on a storm-tossed ship on the North Atlantic. The long-time BA formula for films was completely abandoned - first kissing, then sucking, then licking, then fucking, then cumming. Tom doesn't get sucked until the very end. Is this the new plan? The camerman knew nothing about lighting; usually the skin tones were rich and golden, but at times (?camera #2), the skin tones became ashen grey. Bad. Tom has lost nearly all of whatever bubble butt he once had. He needs to exercise, especially squats. He is nearly flat in back. Not good looking. And he doesn't look like he is having fun. Kristian shows great promise.

8********** - 03/15/2023 8:42:45 PM

This is perhaps Tom Houston best video, and Kristian Bresson is lovable.

t****** - 03/15/2023 1:34:51 PM

Yummmm this was a great week for Freshmen!

S*********** - 03/15/2023 3:52:24 AM

Tom and Christian are two amazingly gorgeous young men. They are beyond pleasurable to watch and sexy! I wish all your videos would end with a facial/stunning finale like this one however I know (of course) some viewers would become fed up. Alas.

M********* - 03/14/2023 8:32:05 PM

I love this two supersexy guys with their amazing hairy bodies.

w****** - 03/14/2023 6:36:10 PM

We don't get to see nearly enough of Kristian. Many thanks and lots of love to both.

d******* - 03/14/2023 4:53:03 PM

This scene was great as Tom sucked Kristian in the kitchen and made life more enjoyable. 😎😎😎😎

s******* - 03/14/2023 12:23:04 PM

The incomparable Kristian would have deserved a better treatment than this chaotically and roughly edited short scene with this mechanical doll. 5 stars just for him.

e********* - 03/14/2023 11:59:15 AM

Two of the best models - more from Kristian. Very short only 14 min

p***** - 03/14/2023 11:50:05 AM

What a pair made in porn heaven. Kristian is just to die for

r*********** - 03/14/2023 10:27:18 AM

What a fantastic scene. Tom walks in and starts fucking - no rimming (YAY!) - just starts fucking. Tom's thick splash of cum onto Kristian's hungry tongue - jees. Slurp and taste. Some angles in this vid are stunning showing the hairy ass and legs of Kristian - what a stunning piece of work is this man !!

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