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Tom Houston & Jorik Tautou part 1

Jorik Tautou invites Tom Houston to visit his home town. After a short walk around the center, they decide to go to Jorik’s place for some more intimate activity. As soon as the two arrive they take off their clothes and Jorik receives an intense blowjob and rimjob from his partner. Just before offering his butt to Tom, Jorik orally stimulates his cock until Tom can’t hold back anymore and penetrates Jorik’s hole. The hardcore action is very energetic as Jorik likes to be fucked deep and Tom is more than happy to oblige. The encounter ends with two messy loads. They kiss passionately and jump in the shower.

Tom Houston
Jorik Tautou
M********* - 10/02/2023 7:07:46 PM

I'm totaly with tdog0864, absolout erotic pairing, with lustful sex. I wonder, how smal Jorik can take such a big dick like Tom's is, but he did it and the level get's higher and higher until Jorik spray such a big load over his body and Tom can't hold his own load back. Both guys such a hot couple!

C***** - 09/13/2023 11:29:19 PM

Hello Freshmen Team, how happy I am about this wonderful composition. A wish of mine has come true. Tom and Jorik are the dream couple par excellence for me. Even the way Tom throws Jorik onto the sofa and gets to work on him is erotic and makes me horny. It's wonderful how they lick their holes and fuck each other until they cum. I can't get enough of it. I still have one wish. Please bring Jorik, Tom and Ashton together !!! Thank you

t******* - 08/14/2023 4:49:21 PM

These two are such a nice pairing. Jorik and his cute face and big dick and Tom with his Hollywood good looks and lean tanned body, Wow! I loved everything this two-part series presented. However, I was hoping to see Tom lick up Joriks cum off his little tummy. Jorik riding Toms hard cock, so great! Jorik is such a delightful young man who knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it. Thank you, Tom and Jorik. This made my day!

J******** - 08/11/2023 6:47:39 AM

Loved how they both took turns as Tom Houston thrust fuck Jorik Tautou's ass then Jorik Tautou fucks Tom Houston's cock himself in the ass :)

g******* - 08/10/2023 8:17:32 AM

Jorik is so beautiful and how those hot little balls of his always produce so much cum, I will never know. Tom is handsome, handsome, handsome and a night with him would be one of my wildest dreams!

k***** - 08/09/2023 3:20:13 PM

Sadly the razor found Jorik's hole. How disappointingly unnecessary.

g******** - 08/09/2023 1:38:18 PM

wonderful camerawork, makes the pleasure viewing so much more intense

w****** - 08/08/2023 11:01:58 PM

A wonderful pair. Nobody works his partner's cock with more gusto than Jorik and it is a treat to watch him. It is great to see him in action again. Lots of love to both.

d******* - 08/08/2023 4:04:50 PM

I must say that Tom and Jorik were gorgeous with Jorik and his lovely body with such beauty his nice sweet smile and lovely sweet lips to kiss. Tom had a nice time fucking Jorik so hot. Tom and Jorik very nice fuck by both. 😎😎😎😎

B********* - 08/08/2023 2:03:15 PM

Pure BA excellence! Take two 'boy next door' types and let them enjoy each other in a scene so hot it could melt screens! Jorik has developed into a major asset for BA, with his signature giggle and cum fountain! Tom is a perfect pairing for what I believe is the best offering for 2023 to date!

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