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Tom Houston & Eluan Jeunet

This video marks the last phase in the introduction of Tom Houston and was originally supposed to be his official premiere. Here he is paired with Eluan Jeunet for one of the first videos he ever shot for us. Tom still seems a little shy but Eluan takes the lead to show him some of his best „moves“. After Eluan covers Tom’s well-fucked ass in cum, he eagerly waits to taste Tom’s fresh newbie load.

Eluan Jeunet
Tom Houston
V******** - 04/06/2023 12:31:09 AM

What a great pairing. Eluan's handsome face and hot body with Tom's lanky lean body. Both guys gave a superb performance seemingly caring about one another. Eluan has long been one of my top models. Tom could easily work his way into my own top tier, if only for his stunning eyes. I think this is also their more comfortable roles. I like Elian topping and Tom seems a very gifted bottom.

B***** - 05/09/2022 9:35:20 PM

Não há 10*? Gostava de atribuir 10 * a este duo.

R***** - 12/29/2021 5:11:02 PM

Tom is a very sexy, young stud; with a great body and cute face. I love seeing his furry ass splattered with Eluan's creamy cum, before shooting his own load; which Eluan eagerly laps up to share a creamy kiss.

A********* - 11/18/2021 9:58:34 PM

I love Tom.

8********** - 11/11/2021 8:50:54 PM

Eluan is a good lover and Tom is a beautiful boy. I'd like to see Tom in a flip flop with Adam Archuleta.

t****** - 11/10/2021 9:48:50 PM

stunning Tomko

b***** - 11/10/2021 7:46:15 AM

I love to see Tom bottoming

l******* - 11/10/2021 7:41:20 AM

Want to see 2 handsome Bruce in a hot flip flop scene with Tom

g******* - 11/10/2021 2:15:20 AM

Oh man, that was so hot. The stable of BA boys possesses beauty everywhere and Eluan is one of them with his really sexy, studious face and has long cock and beautiful cockhead. But Tom - probably one of the most handsome young men you could meet with the lovely fluffed up hair, the slightly hairy chest, the tanned body, the tan line, the long and thick cock, hairy crotch, lovely legs .... get the point? I could watch him for hours. k

c****** - 11/09/2021 10:41:00 PM

I can't get enough of amazing Tom. I'm not so fond of Eluan who is over exposed, in my opinion.

w****** - 11/09/2021 9:19:56 PM

Tom shy? He certainly doesn't show much evidence of shyness in the Croatia trip videos. Did I detect a smile of relief on his face when Eluan pulled out to cum? Many thanks and lots of love to both.+

A******** - 11/09/2021 9:11:27 PM

Tom is amazing!❤️

p********* - 11/09/2021 8:54:49 PM

Tom is so sweet hot and I love to see Him as bottom He is for sure a future Joker for belami hope and dream to see Adam Archuleta in a hot flip flop scene with Tom Thank s for all dream you give live Georges Duroy ;) Merci

s******* - 11/09/2021 7:24:42 PM

Simply amazing!

b********* - 11/09/2021 6:57:50 PM

Tom, thank you for keeping it natural below the waist--you look great! : )

a********* - 11/09/2021 5:15:16 PM

Tom is an outstanding beauty, extremely handsome and he does have the perfect amount of hair. What he is lacking in my own opinion is a sense of hunger in his sexual hunger. Id like him to be full of lust and completely enjoy his experience. Also just a little more muscle weight is needed and while his haircut is lovely, the color may be a bit dull and the style without the slightest of edge or design. So animal in the bed, lovely and stunning young man out on the streets, a little more muscular definition and a masculine but youthful reimagining of his hair style. He will be the new king of Bel Ami but I hope he can take a few cues from his competition, Enrique Vera.. I guess whilst its was a lovely scene, neither seemed very wound up.

t********* - 11/09/2021 2:11:22 PM

More of Tom!

W****** - 11/09/2021 1:08:50 PM

Great scene. Tom is unbelievably good looking. Beautiful face, nice body and hair in all the right places. Much more from him, please. Give him a 10-year contract.

d******* - 11/09/2021 11:58:43 AM

Tom and his hairy ass, with nice kissable lips, so lovely, gorgeous body. 🤑🤑🤑🤑

t****** - 11/09/2021 11:19:01 AM

..Tom's big cumshot- bigger than usual- may suggest he is happier as a bottom.

c***** - 11/09/2021 11:12:28 AM

After an eternity of waiting I did so enjoy watching Tom in this scene with Eluan! Tom Houston is one beautiful man and I was very pleased with the scene. More Tom bottoming please!!

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