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Tom Houston & Bart Cuban part 1

We first meet Tom Houston and Bart Cuban on a couch together checking an injury to Tom’s wrist. Bart seems a little worried when hearing the story of how it happened, but this is soon forgotten when Tom takes off his pants. Bart starts to kiss and play with Tom and before long his hard cock is inside Tom’s mouth. After mutual blowjobs, Tom is ready to penetrate Bart’s sexy butt. The hot sex isn’t over until they both shoot big loads of cum.

Bart Cuban
Tom Houston
M****** - 09/25/2022 4:53:44 PM

My Dreamboy „Tom“ is so nice and perfect

w****** - 08/29/2022 10:52:14 PM

I must confess to being a little baffled here. I am pretty sure that Bart doesn't understand Czech and Tom is equally ignorant of Magyar so I don't see Bart making much of Tom's long explanation of his hand injury. Still, they make a beautiful pair and I particularly enjoyed Bart's windscreen wiper. Lots of love to both.

a***** - 08/24/2022 6:26:04 PM

It's so good to see Bart getting fucked in the ass all the way until his cock shoots white cream!

d******* - 08/24/2022 5:44:09 PM

It showed that Tom did not injure his dick at all as it still works and Tom is able to fuck Bart with his nice cock while enjoying kissing too. and we still have part 2 left to go. As for the pubic hair I will leave that opinion to the rest of the crew.

T***** - 08/24/2022 10:01:37 AM

Both boys are wonderful. Bart, as I remember, is especially hairy round the legs and derrière and was no doubt encouraged to trim for this scene. I have no objection to his trimming and don't see any evidence of "nasty stubble"!

g******* - 08/24/2022 1:34:47 AM

10 stars for both but .... camera man missed Bart's orgasm. Why do we rarely get to see the fucker's ass while he's in action?

b********* - 08/24/2022 12:25:57 AM

Generally, I like Bart, but the nasty stubble is a real turn-off.

b******** - 08/23/2022 9:10:48 PM

Amazing scene. great that Tom doesn't shave his pibic hair but a shame bart trims his asscrack hair

B***** - 08/23/2022 4:19:21 PM

A great scene by both. Tom is a favourite ....... I still want to see him with Helmut!!!!! Also, I preferred Tom to have longer, shaggier hair.

s******* - 08/23/2022 4:13:37 PM

10 stars for Bart...but he deserves a better partner ;)

t****** - 08/23/2022 1:48:26 PM

10 stars for Tom...but he deserves a better partner

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