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Tom Houston

Though some of you have seen Tom at BelAmiChat, this is a proper introduction to a new model you will be seeing much more of next year. Is there such thing as a perfect porn performer? Tom may qualify as he is insanely handsome, sweet and charming and a demon in bed. We can look forward to great performances coming from him. You’ll want to watch this interview and solo to learn more. This will hopefully hold you over till next week where he makes his hardcore debut as part of our Budapest Adventure series.

Tom Houston
t****** - 08/08/2021 1:42:37 PM

The finest model since Dolph~

D************* - 04/29/2021 7:56:13 AM

Tongue kissing with Tom Houston would be the most enjoyable experience I can think of. Tom is Heaven on earth. I could spend an eternity making love to Tom.

R***** - 12/30/2020 5:49:35 PM

A great interview with gorgeous, sexy Tom. I love seeing him so relaxed; totally naked and with his hands behind his head; showing off his very sexy pits; with his soft prick nestled over his fat balls. Tom has got a very cute, sexy face and a gorgeous smile. I love seeing his delicious cock slowly stiffen as he is talking; looking fantastic semi hard. Tom look great on his knees; stroking his stiffening cock; jiggling his fat balls and showing his wonderful furry butt cheeks; parted to reveal his fuckable asshole. Tom has a wonderful cock when fully erect; as he wanks himself until he shoots his spunk over his hairy belly. I'm looking forward to seeing sexy Tom in action (as I'm sure are the other Bel Ami Boys)

b******* - 12/26/2020 12:35:25 PM

He's beautiful.. Just as he is - there's no need to send him to the gym to change him. Let's just enjoy his natural beauty, like the boy next door.

i****** - 12/18/2020 10:46:41 AM

Sensational - love his hairy bits

t********* - 12/15/2020 10:33:59 PM

So handsome and I love the body hair.

V************ - 12/15/2020 9:52:05 PM

Great looking young man. Too bad we didn't get to see his cum shot. Not that it was all that great. Kinda anticlimatic.

B******* - 12/15/2020 6:20:23 PM

Tom is truly a gorgeous boy! He has a nice naturally toned physique and a great cock as a cherry on the cake :) Great addition to BA.

a****** - 12/14/2020 7:25:37 PM

Hollywood handsome hunk. Love beautiful Tom!!!

G******* - 12/14/2020 2:50:30 PM

We're fans! Looking forward to seeing him in action.

v******* - 12/13/2020 7:47:00 AM

Wow, what a beauty! 😛

c****** - 12/10/2020 4:53:51 AM

insanely handsome is just right - and a big handsome cock to match his gloriously handsome face - and he rides a kwakka 750 - what a bloody hero!

J******* - 12/10/2020 12:22:42 AM

I'd love to see an art collection of him.

t********* - 12/09/2020 5:35:55 PM

Very glad you shaved his chest. But he still needs to start working out with Adam. Even if Tom is insanely handsome, he needs more chest muscle.

g******* - 12/09/2020 3:42:51 AM

Echo below - just fabulous.

d******* - 12/09/2020 2:27:28 AM

Lindo Semental, pero hay que afeitarlo.

b********* - 12/09/2020 2:21:17 AM

Mmmm ... those long, slender legs, all that natural fur, and such a handsome face. : ) Thanks for this!

p******** - 12/09/2020 12:44:27 AM

Very nice indeed! Tom is going to be very popular. :) ***** :)

W****** - 12/08/2020 11:46:28 PM

Absolutely stunning. Another top quality addition to the bel ami team. I hope his stay is a long one.

T***** - 12/08/2020 10:12:45 PM

Star material. I like what I've experienced of his chat sessions and look forward to his future screen appearances very much.

x****** - 12/08/2020 8:50:11 PM

Tom is truly a sexciting young man!!

a***** - 12/08/2020 7:06:07 PM

Sweet and sexy, charismatic, attractive, I'm glad to have this interview. So he's talked quite a lot about what he's done at home, great. But I'm still curious about 1 when this was filmed, how much has he done at BelAmi 2 his experiene with gay sex and also at BelAmi 3 his experience with other boys. Hope you'll give us more context especially know that his scene is coming up nex tweek, look forward!

p********** - 12/08/2020 7:03:38 PM


b***** - 12/08/2020 5:02:02 PM

Fantastic. So cute. I hope we will see him bottoming.

m******* - 12/08/2020 4:56:39 PM

WELL, WELL , WELL and good morning to that face and smile. Just the right amount of stuff. Mr. Houston, we are ready and waiting.

d******* - 12/08/2020 2:55:50 PM

Tom very handsome with lovely eyes and nice sweet lips to kiss.

h********* - 12/08/2020 2:15:24 PM

A total hunk, love all that natural body hair. I may be in love again.

P****** - 12/08/2020 1:41:57 PM

Very good-looking, not a great body.

M****** - 12/08/2020 1:14:48 PM

Handsome, articulate, very relaxed, nice body. Please require all your models to walk naked up two flights of stairs -- nice view.

s******** - 12/08/2020 1:04:26 PM

Should have eaten your cum...

t****** - 12/08/2020 12:56:20 PM

He is so cute. Can't wait to see him with another boy!

b******* - 12/08/2020 12:41:39 PM

He is going to break nmany hearts. That's for sure ...

K***** - 12/08/2020 12:08:31 PM

Gorgeous guy ! And unlike Jarrod Lanvin in the proper outfit for his interview !

a********* - 12/08/2020 11:56:47 AM

Un cinque stelle per questo fiore erotico.

R************ - 12/08/2020 10:56:10 AM

Splendido ragazzo in tutti i sensi: Come vorrei leccare lo sperma schizzato sul suo corpo!!

D******* - 12/08/2020 10:46:30 AM

Gorgeous...a Brother of John Leto, hot ,sexy charisma. Be curious about his gangbang him so much.♥️

o****** - 12/08/2020 9:56:23 AM

Magnificent boy! Clever, splendid face!, body, dick, skin with just light body hair I adore! Please stay how you are!

H***** - 12/08/2020 9:53:30 AM

Just adorable! WOW! The best of this Freshmen. Hope to see him with Ashton soon.

d****** - 12/08/2020 9:40:09 AM

Pure perfection!

r*********** - 12/08/2020 9:16:46 AM

Tom is going the break many hearts - and the fact that he's scheduled to be on our screens a lot more is wonderful. This is a really sensitively produced interview.

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