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Tom Gabbard & Nate Donaghy

Nate Donaghy always presents a  big challenge for his partners with his massive cock. Tom Gabbard receives it together with his morning coffee and is obviously comfortable with „bigger sizes“. Nate wakes up his friend in order to show him the beauty of Budapest but Tom insists on adapting his plan to the rainy weather outside. As Nate is very attracted to Tom, he happily accepts the proposal. Morning sex on the kitchen table and the sofa climaxes in two sticky facial cumshots. What a start to the day!

Nate Donaghy
Tom Gabbard
C********** - 05/31/2023 8:07:56 AM

Will always love Nate... ❤️ hopefully there are still more scenes to come. 🤞🏼

t********* - 01/22/2023 6:38:41 AM

I used to like Nate. Beautiful face but he's not staying fit. He needs to get in better shape.

C*************** - 01/06/2023 3:32:38 AM

Nate is so sexy! A pity that the site does not explore it as a bottom. Of course, has to think about what the model likes to do most, which position he performs best and everything, but they should think a little about the subscribers top, too. Think about it, Fresh Men!

M********* - 10/02/2022 6:56:28 PM

Wow, very hot! I like this quickie right on the kitchentable and orgasm on the sofa. Special thanks for the cumeating after shoot. Well done boys!

B*************** - 09/30/2022 12:40:40 AM

I need cock please

n********* - 06/23/2022 1:00:52 PM

Great scene. Nate looks now so sexy. Please make more scene with Nate! ;)

d******* - 06/18/2022 5:26:15 PM

Tom & Nate ever so sweet. Tom with lovely body and lovely cock while Nate so loving and sexy!

l********** - 05/27/2022 10:57:51 PM

There is nothing to nag about this scene. The boys match/contrast very well in temperament and body. Slow and focussed on each other. I love that, 5 points!

e****** - 05/23/2022 9:05:56 PM

love nate

g******* - 05/23/2022 6:48:22 AM

Tom is a sweetie and I shall be happy to see him grow into an established. Love Nate and what pleasure he would bring me if he dropped in one night and stayed to the morning.

M****** - 05/19/2022 3:54:00 PM

Tom is so attractive. Coach him to show more pleasure and joy and to avoid the whimpering. Good chemistry and affection between these two. Rimming was superb -- nice display of Tom's hole and Nate worshiped the entire area with his hands and mouth. Would've liked at least one slow penetration shot but instead we get only hard cuts to suddenly fucking. A special light helped brighten the naughty parts during the anal, though it was a little obvious -- BUT KEEP USING IT rather than allowing that area to become murky. And yeah, kind of an abrupt orgasm from Nate, but who hasn't had that happen?

R***** - 05/18/2022 5:04:08 PM

bad cum!

b******** - 05/17/2022 9:57:18 PM

Tom is so gorgeous. Beautiful hairy brown hole. Just oone gripe. I wish there was more nipple play on BA/Freshmen. Some licking, sucking, flicking and pulling nipples would be awesome, especially here as Tom has beautiful pointy nipples

R******** - 05/17/2022 12:41:24 PM

Good video. Nice cum-shot. Sexy guys. Good stuff.

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