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Tom, Ashton, Yannis & Eluan part 2

We are all about Ashton and his desires in part 2 of our update this week. Not happy with having to share his buddies cocks in part one, here he wants them all to himself. We have suspected it for a while, but Ashton recently confirmed it by asking GD if we could set up a gang-bang for him with as many guys as we can find, so it looks like that will be one of our major projects to film this coming summer. Maybe we can count today as a practice run before sending him back to our Mating Season location to do an anal version of Joey's famous blowjob scene!

Eluan Jeunet
Yannis Paluan
Ashton Montana
Tom Houston
C********** - 05/31/2023 7:43:15 AM

Would love to see Ashton in a major Gang bang scene Ala Marcel Gassion. 😍😈

S*********** - 04/19/2023 10:59:03 PM

This scene is a MUST...especially for cum lovers! Four amazing, gorgeous young men doing what they do best!!

O******* - 12/22/2022 5:03:13 PM


M***** - 01/05/2022 12:33:13 PM

Ashton is perfect! 💙

g******* - 12/30/2021 11:21:08 PM

Four buff, BEAUTIFUL boys doing it well, very well. Loved the big orgasms from all of them. Please get Tom a model page!!

d******* - 12/28/2021 2:12:20 PM

Tom & Ashton very nice, but 4 no go!

t****** - 12/25/2021 11:31:22 AM

Toms cumshot is amazing!!! But lets just have Tom and Ashton. The others are an unnecessary distraction

H************** - 12/21/2021 2:49:22 PM

Perfection! And yes a massive, record-breaking gangbang for Ashton, break the internet. Looking forward to that one already!

J********* - 12/21/2021 2:14:37 PM

Amazing Scene - this made my year! I love 4 ways and honestly, all the guys are super hot! Thank you for making this arrangement! 50 stars! :)

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