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Tim with Oscar & Ayden part 2

After their encounter, Tim Moffie and Oscar Scholz jump in the shower but it's just a brief interlude. As soon as they step out, Ayden Mallory walks in as Oscar's surprise for Tim, and the action can begin again. Oscar and Tim are always happy to spice up their sex life and ready to take care of Ayden’s needs. They take turns kissing, sucking and rimming his ass until he is ready for penetration. Ayden's mouth and ass are constantly filled with both cocks as he gets closer and closer to climax. But the other boys get there first; Oscar cumming all over his butt and Tim on his face. Finally, Ayden is ready to shoot a nice load for the boys to share whilst kissing.

Ayden Mallory
Tim Moffie
Oscar Scholz
M*************** - 03/04/2024 1:46:20 AM

Really a hot scene with all three models equal participants in a fast paced spit roast fuck. I love Ayden, he is spectacularly attractive, and to see him filled with cock at both ends was hot. Tim is a great contrast in his scenes as he looks so young and very much like a surfer dude out here in California, a very hot surfer dude. And Oscar...I have no words ahhhhh. Sadly the model who is facially most likely the hottest, Ayden looked a wreck. Haircut, overdone eyebrow whatever, right arm covered in bruises I imagine to be tattoos in progress, and his beautiful butt, wow. I would not have let him on set, but nevertheless his performance was excellent and the rest is certainly not going to end civilization. Just a little disappointing and unfair to Ayden primarily. He deserved better. But to end on a high note, all these guys are such studs, great bods and delicious cocks they MUST spend a great deal of time fucking OFF camera. How could they not, I would.

c****** - 08/21/2023 1:44:16 AM

I like he new Ayden's hairdo. But the trimming or shaving of his butt is so unnatural and disappointing. Ban the razor for the body hair, please!.

g******* - 07/22/2023 9:02:55 AM

Three lovely guys had a great time together. Wonderful making out, vigorous fucking, hot orgasms and some good cum-eating. I am not going to obsess about shaved bums.

d***** - 07/16/2023 12:26:22 AM

If you take a look at Ayden's Interview and Solo video and his first scene with Kieran Benning, you will see that Ayden has a lovely round and hairy butt. He also has a beautiful thick head of luxurious black hair. With his stunning eyes and perfect torso, he is altogether an extremely attractive man who must turn a lot of heads when he is out in public.

w****** - 07/13/2023 10:14:07 PM

The only downside here is that awful stubble and razor rash on Ayden's bum. I am gratified to see that this is almost universally condemned in the other comments. I hope that Luke will finally take note and throw away his instruments of vandalism. I have had second thoughts about Ayden's hair. The shorter cut seems to emphasise his lovely face. Lots of love to all three and please can we have much more Ayden.

a***** - 07/11/2023 8:47:25 PM

I remember you said Ayden came back and was all free for shooting, I hope he goes all the way in and do anything there is to do! So glad to see him again!

K***** - 07/11/2023 4:08:01 PM

Ayden’s main attributes are his longer hair and beautiful eyes, as well as his natural furry ass none of which are being featured. ☹️🇺🇦

t***** - 07/11/2023 3:32:08 PM

Wow for once the comments don't exaggerate. Whoever shaved Ayden's butt committed a major crime.

d******* - 07/11/2023 3:31:55 PM

Love to see Tim with Oscar and Ayden as Ayden has such a gorgeous body with lovely cock to suck and nice balls , sweet lips for Tim and Oscar to kiss.. Ayden has nice firm hole for the guys to fuck and suck. Ayden so gorgeous. Tim love you too.

V******** - 07/11/2023 2:00:32 PM

I am so glad to see Tim in anything. Love everything about him.

f******** - 07/11/2023 12:08:59 PM

Great to see Ayden back! Love him.

t********* - 07/11/2023 12:00:53 PM

I miss Ayden tan and haircut; he can be much mote attractive than this.. bring him back more times with his best look ; it would be a pity not to explore all his potential

a****** - 07/11/2023 10:51:11 AM

Really like everything about Oscar. His face, body and his enormous and beautiful dark cock. And I like his great appetite for other guys’ cocks as well!

r*********** - 07/11/2023 10:10:16 AM

Whatever possessed Ayden to shave his ass? Aggressive looking stubble and ingrown blisters are totally off-putting and cannot be unseen. Gross. Speaking of hair-cutting, this Moffie should have a proper haircut or preferably, be cut out of the scene altogether. Oscar is always fabulous battle through an otherwise unappealing encounter.

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