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Tim Moffie & Elio Chalamet

Tim Moffie’s first hardcore video is finally here. After a series of training sessions with our coach Kevin Warhol, Tim is now ready to start filming officially and he couldn’t have picked a better moment to arrive at the apartment. Elio Chalamet wasn’t expecting to be in action today but the sudden change of plan is very convenient as this is exactly what his hard cock needs. Elio guides our newbie through the different areas of the studio and then through different stages of pleasure. Tim Moffie loves nothing more than to climax with a nice dick up his ass and that’s exactly what happens here. The video ends when Elio cums on Tim’s butt and licks up his load. It's an unexpected and steamy conclusion to Tim’s first encounter.

Elio Chalamet
Tim Moffie
f******** - 02/22/2023 4:02:24 AM

Really bad photography and editing. No director, no one in charge, no plan, no scheme, and a totally clueless #2 camera man. #1 seemed to keep the sofa level and the shower with vertical walls. Then #2 came in and within 45 seconds, the sofa was tilted 90 degrees and Elio spun around, out of focus, as #2 walked around continuously and kept the camera in constant motion . You can see in photos above, Elio running water over Tim. Two minutes later, as Tim sucks on a headless figure (really bad), you can see Elio's pubes and dick are perfectly dry. As they step out of the shower, Elio says to Tim: "You are not even wet. You won't need a towel." Then Elio takes a towel and hands it to him. #2 appears and the shower tilts off to one side and then rocks to the other side. The camera men seem totally ignorant of lighting. When the guys emerge into the living room, everything is overexposed and washed out. When they go in for a close-up of dick or crotch, it is a dark mess because there is no light. Tim, whose hair has been somewhat wet in the shower, emerges into the living room with perfectly blow dried hair with every strand in place. Etc. etc. Two nice models are very badly used here.

C************* - 11/17/2022 1:48:39 AM

Tim is absolutely perfect. Beautiful curves. Beautiful, glowing skin. Long, luscious locks of blond hair. He is a Greek demigod alive in our day.

D******* - 01/19/2022 5:24:39 PM

Elio and Tim are great. the performance is great and Elio fucks Tim so hot.

D************* - 10/29/2021 7:29:30 PM

Tim Moffie is about as cute as it gets: blue eyes, blond hair, beautiful smile and teeth. Elio eating Tim's ass really turned me on. And that was a great cum shot by Tim: his cock got very hard as he shot his load of sperm. Elio did a good job getting Tim turned on. I think this sex scene was great, but Tim really needs to get a haircut.

n********* - 09/30/2021 3:08:16 AM

Absoluty great scene. Cute Tim and Elio. Both must came many times

d******* - 09/25/2021 10:18:57 PM

Marksman, do not feel bad as I have always had that problem with Elio as to me I have always just melted as I always wanted to kiss his sweet lips and look into those gorgeous eyes and suck his cock, play with his balls and fuck him too. Also run my fingers through his lovely hair. We have a nice problem. Timmy is also another problem love him too.

m******* - 07/05/2021 8:13:49 PM

I have a problem with Elio. His face is too beautiful and bright, his attitude positive. His performances are so hot and that smile on his face melts the cold exteriors of my heart and soul. What a wonderful problem to have. Tim, even with a Moffie name is adorable and fresh.

a****** - 06/29/2021 4:34:43 AM

Tom is so cute … very receptive and eager for sex. He and the fantastic Jorvik have bright futures at BA/FM. Great discoveries!!!

r*********** - 06/27/2021 12:27:01 PM

As a South African I am offended by this guy's name. "Moffie" is a South African insult, the equivalent of "faggot", and is used in completely derisive circumstances. I see "manpiel" earlier hints at this. What's in a name? Not much I suppose. Therefore, I think you should name your next model "Faggot McLean". Try it.

B********* - 06/25/2021 10:29:11 PM

Tim is a beautiful boy who was made to be fucked, face to face, just as we see him--looking deep into Elio's eyes as Elio's big dick massages Tim's prostate, bulging ever more within his ass with semen till one last thrust sends it into orgasm as Tim's sphincters squeeze Elio's hard cock in sync with Tim's prostate's orgasmic contractions--while they gaze in rapture into each other's eyes, the mirror neurons in their respective brains flooding every cell with the brain's most pleasurable neurotransmitter--0xycotin! No party drug can compare with it. Male humans are built to fuck face to face and love it--like Tim does! We're the only species in the whole animal kingdom, besides our closest cousins, the bonobos, who have forward cocks and asses as we do. With asses built and wired like ours. And Tim shows us what nature has achieved.

m****** - 06/24/2021 10:27:13 PM

I'm surprised you didn't call him Tim Hulibrk or Tim Buzna or Tim Bukvice or are you saving those stealthy homophobic names for other models.

s************* - 06/24/2021 1:56:04 AM

All I can say is “wow!” Fabien is my very favorite twink model, but after seeing this video, he’s a tie with Tim! Tim screams sex appeal & has a lot of charisma! I agree with many Of the members; Tim is a great kisser….that’s important! He more than met my expectations! Some aren’t happy with Elio’s performance but I think he did just fine! Both models did a fantastic job! I hope some day this finds it’s way on dvd, I’d like it in my vast BA collection! ♥️

t**************** - 06/23/2021 6:07:56 PM

I didn't think you could match Jorik for hotness but Tim rivals him. Great job!

p***** - 06/23/2021 12:02:10 PM

Tim is adorable & a wonderful kisser. This sure didn't look like his first rodeo and I'm already salivating over more scenes with him in the future.

g******* - 06/23/2021 1:49:50 AM

Really nice scene. Elio is the perfect package and such a sweet person. Loved his cum eating and feeding too. Tim is a sweetie and I love his blonde hair and evident desire for cock. I hope we see much more of him.

w****** - 06/22/2021 10:40:30 PM

How often does Elio answer his door naked and with a full erection? If it is a regular occurrence I would love a chance to ring his doorbell. A great debut from Tim. I hope to see many more scenes with him. Many thanks and lots of love to both. I see that wall has had another makeover and the hammock has gone. A pity, I have been hoping to see someone fucking in the hammock for a long time.

p********* - 06/22/2021 7:51:51 PM

Tim look greatfull its a real big pleasure to see Himas bottom He s sure a future belami model 5 stars for Him and Elio there is a real super Joker

K***** - 06/22/2021 4:56:56 PM

Yet another shower scene. Great start except, I found the sore on the right side of Elio’s cock distracting and could have easily been avoided by having the boys reversed. Unless the left side looked worse ? Elio was a poor choice here, he is a natural bottom and much more engaged when getting pounded. Tim shows great potential and a natural eagerness. Put him with Jim or Jorik and let him shine. Thought the Fuck-Farts after Tim’s Cumming, around 12:15 to a nice touch.

t*********** - 06/22/2021 3:19:16 PM

Tim has great potential and the image of his angelic face at about 11:15 was amazing, especially followed by that bit of lustful lip-licking. I’m hoping that Tim’s ankle tattoo is an omen for a long Kevin-like career (though there will only ever be one Kevin). But overall, this scene didn’t do very much for me because Elio seemed rather disengaged - the most emotion he showed was during his phone call to Kevin. Let’s have more of Tim soon, in a scene that does him justice.

s******* - 06/22/2021 2:48:54 PM

Tim is definitely a 5 stars potential, he seems to have everything to join in the band! But I have to agree with @lawrence105. I never missed kevin like this time! Ok, Tim didn't need any trainer (Kevin did a gread job as always), but Elio looks totally indifferent to his partner, it seems he tought about him simply in terms of "hole + cock" and nothing else. I'm looking forward to watching Tim in other scenes, where surely he'll find some more affectionate and interested partners. Jim! Viggo! Justin! Where are you? Take care of this young jewel!

t********* - 06/22/2021 2:19:30 PM

Both are wonderful

l********** - 06/22/2021 1:46:08 PM

Mechanic and soulless. this is what you get when you let Elio take the lead. I don't like this scene at all. a waste of potential...

t****** - 06/22/2021 10:55:13 AM


s******** - 06/22/2021 9:57:55 AM

Elio is SEXPLOSIVE DYNOMITE!!! Tim is flawless lust-inducing plus-ultra-twink!!! BuenoBaisez!!!

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