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Tim Moffie & Dan Hilfiger part 2

After their intense session, Dan and Tim jump in the shower to wash off the cum from their perfectly fit bodies. Even though Dan enjoyed fucking Tim’s hole, he is still not totally satisfied and asks Tim to swap roles. Tim quickly kneels down and expertly sucks Dan‘s dick. Dan cannot wait any longer and once back in the living room, he starts to worship Tim‘s cock before offering him his butt to fuck. After trying several different positions, they both cum again.

Tim Moffie
Dan Hilfiger
p******** - 10/10/2023 6:07:41 PM

What a waste of a precious moment when Dan's dick goes hard handsfree just from being next to a naked dude. Shower scenes that focus on the heads of the boys instead of showing their whole bodies go figures

A******* - 06/01/2023 3:46:45 AM

Both are hot, just in different ways. Part 1 & 2 were great.

V******** - 05/17/2023 2:50:22 PM

Topping or bottoming, Tim is perfection. 😍❤️😘

d******* - 05/17/2023 1:51:44 PM

Tim is a sweetie and he has such nice features too. 😎😎😎😎

a***** - 05/16/2023 8:42:50 PM

I just wanna watch Dan gets the cum fucked out of it, again, and again 😁

g******* - 05/16/2023 7:09:06 PM

It is always a good scene when I can see the models dick go from soft to hard and Dan did that in the shower. Thanks.

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