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Tim Moffie

When we first met Tim Moffie, we knew immediately that this boy had huge potential. He might be short and boyish but he has a strong sex drive and the surging energy he transmits is simply overwhelming. Today we meet Tim in the shower. He puts on a hot show for us with his hard cock, culminating in a nice sticky load. If this were a loop video, we would watch it over and over again. What about you?

Tim Moffie
e*********** - 11/16/2023 3:11:50 AM

Muito lindo. Ótima punheta.

S************* - 07/26/2023 3:11:48 AM

wow hes hot...gorgeous body -)))

C************* - 11/17/2022 1:40:49 AM

Tim is beyond beautiful. Love his playfulness. I dream of spending an afternoon with this beautiful, precocious boy.

J************* - 06/23/2022 1:41:39 PM

Love the way the light shines upon him in the shower through the window. Such kissable lips too.

j******* - 05/28/2022 1:24:58 PM

Tim is so sexy. So good looking . Amazing nice body. Tim can fill my mouth any time with his warm cream. What a lovely solo scene.,! Every time I masturbate, Tim is on my screen ...... I just love him ....More with Tim, please ...

R***** - 12/29/2021 7:07:38 PM

Gorgeous, sexy, blond cutie Tim looks fantastic stroking his cock whilst fingering his hairy hole. I love seeing him shooting his creamy cum; before tasting it by licking the spunk off his sticky fingers.

g******* - 11/09/2021 4:00:10 AM

Beautiful. The showering, wanking, ass play and the cum-eating all perfect. Tim seduces the camera with those lovely blue eyes.

s****** - 11/06/2021 10:57:23 PM

Absolutely gorgeous boy. Also beautifully haired. Please, dont shave, natural brings beauty to perfection, as in this case

s******** - 11/04/2021 2:18:48 PM

Smooth cum eating twink. So hot the way he cleans up…

T******* - 11/04/2021 6:04:10 AM

No don’t shave his balls he is perfect as he is

j****** - 11/03/2021 7:59:47 AM

Please let him shave his balls

B***** - 11/02/2021 10:24:18 PM

What a cutie. More please

w****** - 11/02/2021 9:26:07 PM

I think I will have to watch this again to get full enjoyment as I was distracted by that expensive looking bathroom and wondering how much it cost. Meanwhile, many thanks and lots of love to Tim.

t****** - 11/02/2021 9:15:50 PM

wow... his glance at us over his shoulder while he is fingering his hairy hole! Hot... (10:50)

m***** - 11/02/2021 8:28:33 PM


f****** - 11/02/2021 8:28:33 PM

wow, what a wonderful boy pussy!

k************ - 11/02/2021 4:51:05 PM

A totally gorgeous twink I hope we get to see getting fucked a lot! You said he was short ; so I hope he's paired with taller tops!

P****** - 11/02/2021 1:52:50 PM

Not much of a body, but definitely blond and cute.

m***** - 11/02/2021 12:09:23 PM

I would rather watch a solo video of a cutie like Tim than a sex scene with those average looking guys that sometimes pop-up on the site. It would be great to see him get double penetrated or gang banged.

d******* - 11/02/2021 11:03:25 AM

Tim always so cute with such sweet lips and nice hard cock to play with, balls very nice too

c***** - 11/02/2021 10:23:00 AM

I have to say I enjoyed the angle at which this video was shot with Tim and his leg up on the wash basin. enjoyable.

D************* - 11/02/2021 10:17:17 AM

Tim Moffie is as good as it gets. He sure put on a great (professional) show. Best solo I've seen to date. I agree with Josef0001 that is a stiffer Schwanz. Tim has given me a new reason for living. I loved the way he moans and the innocent expressions on his face.

s******** - 11/02/2021 9:49:18 AM


J******** - 11/02/2021 9:40:51 AM

Oh ja, der Timmy wäre mein fuckpal, blondes längeres Haar, viel Nabelpelz und geile Vorhaut und Eichel und nice load, wie süß der Junge! Sein Fingern würde mein steifer Schwanz ablösen und ihm gut tun und seine geile heiße weiße Soße würde ich auflecken - for sure!

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