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Tim Moffie

Tim Moffie is not just sexy and cute but also very talkative. Today’s interview, which took place in Africa, is full of personal insights and we get to see a much clearer picture of the real Tim. Whilst Tim chats openly with GD, we can also appreciate his lean naked body.

Tim Moffie
a****** - 12/24/2022 12:16:45 PM

pls go fuck yourself manpiel

C************* - 11/17/2022 1:41:38 AM

Tim’s beauty is almost beyond my ability to describe. Keep his videos coming!

J************* - 06/23/2022 3:17:46 AM

Handsome. Cute smile and beautiful eyes, and love to watch him when I masturbate.

m****** - 04/05/2022 2:25:36 AM

Tim is as ugly as his name, please get rid of him and the homophobe who named him.

b******* - 01/24/2022 11:23:03 PM

Cannot get enough of these naked interviews! Especially with this most beautiful lad! Please give us more of both: More interviews and more Tim!

D************* - 10/29/2021 11:10:45 AM

Tim Moffie is incredibly cute. He has a beautiful smile and perfect teeth. Also a charming personality. I do think he would look better with a haircut.

c***** - 10/12/2021 3:10:51 PM

I really like this model, I think Tim is pure sunshine, and I am enjoying his contributions to BA and Freshmen.

c****** - 10/02/2021 1:54:51 PM

Yay. It's been too long since we had an interview.

c******* - 09/29/2021 11:19:56 AM

One of the best new FM models since the early days of BelAmi, when Lukas reigned king and we waited anxiously for the next Frisky Summer release. Brings me back to the fun of those times and the fresh faces and bodies that George Duroy was, and still is, famous for. Love everything about him! Please don't cut those beautiful, blonde locks!

g******* - 09/29/2021 1:13:13 AM

Tim has a sweet smile and I loved his sexy cock curving over his balls. Great ass and a charm about him which makes him very endearing.

l********** - 09/28/2021 6:18:08 PM

The question remains: Why that derogatory name?

P****** - 09/28/2021 2:28:12 PM

Cute face and blond hair, but that's about it.

d******* - 09/28/2021 2:16:55 PM

Tim, Tim, that lovely slim trim body with those nice sweet lips to kiss. Loved your nice smile and your glorious personality. You are a doll. Love You.

K***** - 09/28/2021 9:26:03 AM

Tom and Tom, wow don’t make us wait too long.

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