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Thom Jacobs & Jamie Durrell

When Thom Jacobs came to us first, about one and a half years ago, we filmed only a couple of scenes with him as we were unconvinced that you would  like him too much.  Obviously we were wrong, so we decided to film 6 more scenes for Freshmen.  Here we decided to combine him with Jamie Durrell.


Thom Jacobs
Jamie Durrell
c********** - 03/31/2022 4:33:05 PM

adore Thom, can't you also couple him with Kevin or Jason Bacall or Lars Norgaard or Pip Caulfield (who looks a bit likehis brother)?

d******* - 05/10/2020 12:33:16 AM

Thom just laid there and enjoyed Jamie's cock in his ass, so beautiful as both are a perfect fit for each other.

D************* - 12/20/2019 7:07:48 AM

Jamie Durrell is very handsome and sexy. He is one of my very favorites. And I loved his expressions throughout his performance. The cameraman needs to be applauded for some of the best lighting I have ever seen in a sex scene. The cameraman should be recognized for such a great job. They rarely ever say who is filming, but this is important too. Thom Jacobs just laid there and got fucked like a frightened school girl on her prom night. I don't know how to rate this with stars, so I won't bother.

T*********** - 04/12/2019 4:41:26 AM

Get Thom to a dentist. He won’t be so afraid to smile.

m******* - 04/11/2017 7:21:24 PM

Thom Jacobs is a gem as is Jamie. Hoe erotically beautiful.

p************ - 01/07/2017 7:05:22 PM

Beautiful faces

e****** - 11/20/2016 2:40:10 PM

Thom Jacobs is really cute!

F********* - 11/15/2016 11:20:19 PM

Que hermosa escena de sexo entre estos dos chicos. Extremadamente erótico. Que lindas vergas nos muestran. Una vergas realmente bonitas.

x******* - 11/13/2016 2:55:46 PM

Perfect scene!! Jamie and Thom looked wonderful together!! So glad Thom came back; those eyes and that delicious ass. Wonderful!!

g********** - 11/12/2016 7:25:17 AM

New boy Thom is soooooooo cute. Please more close-ups of him with a dick in his mouth, the way he looks up at Jamie with those big wide eyes - he's definitely a fine!

g******* - 11/02/2016 11:40:11 PM

Just love Jamie. That cock bulge in his jeans at the start says it all. Thom is so pretty. Scoop him up and take him home!

o****** - 11/02/2016 5:31:16 PM

Jamie is a treasure! He has such a peculiar adorable physic! If he didn't exist it would be needed to invent him! Sweet scene on which he spreads skill and tenderness. His looks at Thom while he fucks him are great! 5* for him! Thom doesn't so much for me in spite of his nice hairy ass!

t****** - 10/31/2016 12:26:57 AM

Love Thom, especially with Jamie who brings the best out of him

g********* - 10/30/2016 8:31:18 PM

Anyone who loves to bottom as much as Thom does deserves his place at Bel Ami. Jamie is always a star, whether he tops or bottoms.

H***** - 10/29/2016 10:50:28 PM

I liked the scene, good Chemistry, cute boys. One may be a bit shy..., but so likeable! loves this!

p***** - 10/29/2016 1:56:54 PM

Thom's ok. It's just that his slightly dough boy appearance stands in sharp contrast to Jamie's cut and beautifully proportioned physique. Love Jamie, get Thom to spend some time working out with Marcel.

v********* - 10/28/2016 8:11:55 PM

Another sexy young man that leaves his hair natural. This new group is more natural. Brings back memories of Lukas, Marty & Johan. The way you started is hopefully coming back for us. I like Thom. Who wouldn't be turned on by the sexy, Jamie?

m******** - 10/28/2016 1:12:46 PM

Congrats GD new sight brillant, I commented some years ago twinks are the way to go, good scene Jamie at his best Thom the boy next door look but I think he is cute

S******* - 10/28/2016 11:43:24 AM

A good scene, - may be not outstanding, but truly affectionate. The palpable chemistry between Jamie and Thom and their obvious pleasure of making love to each other made it very nice, - I just kept smiling watching the kids reaching out for each other so honestly. :)))))))))

m******* - 10/27/2016 9:33:31 PM

for me Thom is not so evil

s***** - 10/27/2016 8:16:56 PM

The only thing I remember about Thom is that he is forgettable. I don’t mean to be severe, but I’m not fascinated with Thom

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