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For the first series of BootCamp, we decided to give you a short version of our documentary series as a little taste of what is coming up. You will be able to find the full versions of the documentaries over on BelAmiOnline.

Jerome Exupery
Jon Kael
Helmut Huxley
Adam Archuleta
Jean-Luc Bisset
Kevin Warhol
Kieran Benning
Daan Jeffries
Jim Durden
Alan Mosca
Derek Caravaggio
D************* - 11/01/2019 10:43:34 PM

I always love to see glimpses of Jim Durden, because I am his biggest fan. BUT, when they showed that close-up of Helmut's skin covered hard-on I developed a new interest in Helmut Huxley. I will have to see all his sex scenes. Derek Caravaggio is completely adorable, and lovable.

b****** - 02/22/2019 4:34:47 AM

Look forward to what comes next

t****** - 02/03/2019 1:47:11 PM

More of Jean_Luc as top please! When he was first introduced we were told he was a top. Who is the charming bottom here? --barely got to see him..

J********** - 01/21/2019 1:30:39 AM

Helmut's wares are so very hot!!!

b***** - 01/17/2019 11:31:22 AM

Lots to look forward to! Adam and Daan, Kieran and Alan, Jean-Luc fucking Derek and of course the antics of BA/FM’s clowns couple Helmut and Jerome (they can be a bit much at times, but luckily Helmut’s dick is ‘much’ too 😉). I am glad Derek will make his FM debut, I like his compact body (his equipment ain’t bad either) and this preview shows lots of promise about his performance, should be great.

t********* - 01/17/2019 10:22:38 AM

I agree with my friend otrebor that it was a pleasure. Highlights for me were seeing Daan (who is a very good bottom but has a stunningly pretty face), Jon (whose nipples & face are just outstanding), Adam's more muscular frame & still multi-yard/meter cumshot, Bruce's stunning beauty & killer blue eyes, Alan's slightly longer hair & deeper tan with that handsome af face and the very warm affection bond between Helmut & Jerome that admirably continues to glow! Wrap all in Kevin's ever-present joie d'vivre and his own ever-tan, erect nipples, and you have a 5-star documentary!

t***** - 01/16/2019 7:43:10 AM

Can never get enough of our boys!

a********* - 01/15/2019 11:25:21 AM

To next week! The one hundred and twentyth. Probably very exciting with the predicted "Justin & Pip" + "Danny & Ryan" videos. It will be my last week in FM, I will return later in time, in months, or something, in an undetermined time ... but I will check you, waiting for the beginner directors "grow worthy". Bye!

o****** - 01/15/2019 10:51:44 AM

What such a pleasure watching! Alas just a teaser! Waiting anxiously the full scènes! All boys are great!

m******** - 01/15/2019 9:13:07 AM

I was about to ask for bigger documentaries. Until I read that they will be completely at BelAmi. I can not help myself, I love documentaries like I love dicks, they're never too big to watch. Love you guys, great work!!!!

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