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Sven Basquiat & Enrique Vera

Coitus interrupted? Yes. But only for a little while as we get to see what happens to Sven after he is whisked away from Bastian and Pip’s torrid tryst. I’m sure you’re not surprised to learn that Enrique had his own sexy session planned with our favourite Nordic nymphomaniac. This two-part scene gives us the chance to highlight the considerable skills of two of our most talented bottoms without them having to compete for the same dick. The sex here is every bit as hot as in the first scene as demonstrated by the copious amount of sweat Enrique generates trying to satisfy the insatiable Sven.

Enrique Vera
Sven Basquiat
g******* - 10/09/2019 1:49:59 AM

Fabulous. Loved it all and then their beautiful asses as they walked to the shower. Sven is a really sexy guy and Enrique too but also so built and handsome.

R************ - 09/14/2019 11:18:32 AM

Ho ancora le mani piene di sborra!!

V************ - 09/08/2019 2:32:01 PM

Sven is such a hot little sex machine. Who wouldn't want to fuck that tight little ass of his and make love to that hot compact muscular lean body. Both models display a lot of physical athleticism with the different positions they try here in an attempt to give the cameraman maximum exposure. However, as is often the case in Freshmen productions the lighting is poor in much of the scene. Unfortunately Sven's cum shot is almost non existent and there is no close up of Enrique's somewhat decent cum shot. Also, why doesn't Enrique shove his cock all of the way back in after cumming instead of just 1/3rd or so in? All in all a decent scene though..

C************** - 09/08/2019 12:33:43 PM

Watching the beautiful Enrique sweat as he fucks was the biggest turn-on in this scene.

a****** - 09/03/2019 6:14:57 AM

I can never get enough of the gorgeous, hot, sweaty, thick-dicked Enrique. MORE!

S****** - 09/02/2019 6:35:55 PM

I love how Enrique always gets soooooooo SWEATY!

o****** - 09/02/2019 5:54:32 AM

A sweaty greediness!

b****** - 08/31/2019 5:49:12 PM


w****** - 08/30/2019 11:22:00 PM

I would love to plead with both to stop trimming their pubes but the frustrating thing is that my plea is coming at least two years after the scene was filmed. That said, I still love them both dearly and enjoyed the scene immensely. Again, love and kisses to all.. This must be one of the best weeks ever on Freshmen/ Kinky Angels.

A********* - 08/30/2019 7:23:40 PM

Sven is a real kinky angel and athletic Enrique likes to fuck him hard. More hot scenes like that please !

B******* - 08/29/2019 2:58:56 PM

Two very diffrent looking boys but both stunning. Sven is the dream young looking blond bottom with a beautiful toned and lean physique and Enrique is a gorgeous sexy dark hair boy who enjoys fucking Sven as much as the latter loves getting fucked. The positions look great and the timing is perfect. Sven cums onto his golden abs while Enrique fucks him hard, then Enrique sucks Sven's cock clean and finish the scene with a cum shot onto Sven open hole. The cherry for me was when he shoved his magnificent cock back inside Sven's perfect tight hole. 5* from me!

j****** - 08/28/2019 10:12:15 PM

Enrique is amazing

B********* - 08/28/2019 4:55:02 PM

Sven is a beautiful blond bottom. Enrique is a handsome hard-bodied top. And both are pros. What could go wrong? Their 1st encounter on 5/30/19 starts off simply. Sven has a hard-on and is hot to be fucked (though he can’t touch #2 as BA once allowed). So he calls up Enrique. And they get down. Unfortunately, Sven cums too soon—by accident or intent. But that’s another conversation. Here we have Enrique’s new “boyfriend” Sven blowing Bastian with Pip, as Luke films them—while Enrique sits on a wall with his dick out, forlornly jacking away, as he waits for Sven in vain. It takes Adam to clue him in. And then just 23 seconds for him to get over being betrayed. What a shallow schmuck! No! Wait! Change channels! It’s porn time. Now Enrique’s a hot top. That’s why porn and melodrama don’t mix. Melodrama is about cheating, rejection, reunion. Male porn is about hot guys getting off. Period. Filming it well is an art form all its own. And our hot holes should be visible too.

b***** - 08/28/2019 10:06:27 AM

I think this episode is well worth watching. As ever it is a real treat to see Enrique, he is a handsome hunk and always performs well. I have seen him in more sensual action though, maybe it is Sven, with whom I cannot see much wrong but who is mostly a bit on the technical side. And because I am completely biased: real highlight here is the view of Pip’s cute butt 💘💘💘 in the introduction sequence and how he does not let his attention for Bastian’s dick fade in spite of all the disturbance around him 😍😍😍

w******* - 08/28/2019 12:23:55 AM

the most succulent sven so spectacularly sensual and a passionate bottom drool drool and more more of him

l******* - 08/27/2019 5:07:27 PM

Must agree with sinjin, & Enrique is Svens' perfect partner in sin! haha Love this pair.

p***** - 08/27/2019 1:44:13 PM

Sven really is a marvel. Not only does he look spectacular but he is a ravenous and talented bottom. Who wouldn't want to have sex with him? Bravo to both boys here

a***** - 08/27/2019 11:51:31 AM

The Magnificent Sven 💕💕

s******** - 08/27/2019 11:34:58 AM

need want durchficken...a grand bon bueno baise...Sven the agent of sin

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